Add up your community with our addons

Hi and welcome to the third tour around cls-design's shop!

The best things come in threes, so once again we're going to take a closer look at the shop products. In case this is your first visit with us and you're not familar with our shop and designs, please check out these two introductory articles:

How to...understand and stroll around our shop

In search of a style? We have one and one and another one and...

Well, ensconce yourself and let's start exploring our products.

After clicking on the shop button within the navigation…terungen-Burning-Board-4/, you can see the shop's index page, listing all the designs and addons (plugins). Right now we're interested in the addons, so we're clicking on the right hand button called "Addons":

Doing so, you can view all the commercial plugins offered by cls-design and its chief developer [email protected]@gle. By applying a mouseover, you can get a first teaser text, stating the addon's basic function. Take for instance "EasyMood":

Needless to say that this teaser just serves as a general "appetizer" and further information are needed. These can be received when clicking on the chosen product. There you'll see all the necessary functional and technical details of the product (seen here for "EasyMood"….php/Product/53-EasyMood/) and of course, you can also take a look at the addon within [email protected]@gle's demo forum (just click on the button called "demo" on the right hand side within the product's information list).

*Note: The shown addons can be used in a forum running with WBB 4/4.1. If you're not sure about the state of your license, check out your customer account and read this article beforehand: Shop update: listing renewable licenses

Assuming that you're incertain about the range of the products, take a look at the following general overview:

1. GalleryExtension

If your project/community includes WoltLab's Community Gallery v2.0 (, you can spiff up the gallery with this addon. Some of it's features are:

  • It offers a star rating system
  • It includes a video library (videos can be uploaded or links to external video sources)
  • Images can be added to your favorite images' list
  • Image-markers can be inserted
  • Albums can be shared
  • Watermarks can be applied
  • Pictures within a category can be sorted

and much more! Further functions, hints and questions concerning customization are offered here for customers: GalleryExtension.

2. EasyMood

You feel like telling your community that you're rather tired, happy, sad or busy? You want your users to say hi to each other and simply share a good time within the community? You can do so by installing this plugin. It serves as a slim, unobstrusive status box including emoticons and e.g. these features:

  • The position of the addon itself (left, right, bottom) is adjustable
  • The inserted message can be publicly visible or only for users you're following
  • Status messages can be displayed either in an infobox or as a dashboard-box
  • External links can be enabled/disabled per different usergroups

and much more! The addon can be used as a chatting box, a newsticker or status highlighter. Further hints, configurational help or individual questions are offered here for customers: EasyMood.

3. EasyCountdown

With this addon your time won't be up, but any sweepstakes or time-based promotions will be focussed on. The plugin allows for:

  • Usergroup settings - who's allowed to place a countdown?
  • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
  • Extensive display and filtering options
  • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
  • User notification when topics have expired

and much more! Check out the various ways of applying this plugin within a community and customers can obtain further help or hints here: EasyCountdown.

4. EasyNotes

Forgetting things was yesterday's news, now it's time to jott things down onto your virtual Post-it. Some of the various functions are these:

  • Integration into the userpanel
  • Notes are displayed in the note-it style (different colors, special font)
  • A comment system can be enabled
  • There's a memory function with a repeat mode (daily, weekly)
  • Notes can be transferred to other users (for example: distribute tasks within the team)

and much more! Take a look at this multifunctional addon with its great looks. No more missing any dates, tasks or simply reminding friends within a community to do something. Questions, problems or ideas regarding customizations can be found here for customers: EasyNotes.

5. EasyPoll

Simply the ultimate extension for any WCF 2 survey. This addon comprises several functions that turn your community polls into real eye-catchers on various levels. Take a look at these functions:

  • The author of a poll can select where the survey should be included and can set the details of the survey via inline configuration
  • Each survey can exhibit its individual style
  • Several poll options, like "Watch", allow for never missing any poll again
  • The addon allows for assigning rights (general administration as well as the moderative and administrative definitions)
  • Survey participants/users one can be informed about the optional "notification" feature
  • Administrative control (to check on Log ID, poll ID, user/s or time) is included

and much more! This addon forms a enlivening and at the same time functional backbone for all communities and their users keen to debate. Details on the product, help or questions for customers can be obtained here: EasyPoll.

6. PostMarker

Highlighting at it's functional best! By obtaining this plugin, you and your users will never miss out on important topics. Here are some of the functions you can use:

  • You can mark positive (= helpful) or negative posts
  • You can arrange positive posts in a topic at the front (to be seen quickly)
  • You can sort the order of positive posts
  • You can enable a display in the thread list (whether there are positive responses)
  • Activity points for positive answers can be enabled

and much more! This helpful addon allows for structuring a community without appearing to be intrusive. Any customers' questions, support or aspects concerning individual adjustments can be received here: PostMarker.

7. EasyAds

Advertising on a whole new level. No community wants to exhibit rather cheap looking ads, but a tasteful and multifunctional tool is needed. This can be found with this addon and some of its functions:

  • Integrated customer management (various counters, notifications and an automatic shut-off when a certain limit/date is reached)
  • Integrated banner management (various counters, notifications and HTML, flashbanners or link+path to the picture are possible)
  • There are many predefined integration points (e.g. between categories, the thread list, topics ...)
  • A page filter can be used (e.g. global integration points like header, footer, sidebar ...)

and much more! This plugin allows for several methods to integrate ads on a website, but all of them look tasteful and professional. Customer's can feel free to ask questions, take a look at the configurational guide and support here: EasyAds.

8. EasyLink

No link database like others, but a multifaceted plugin that leaves nothing to be desired. To be used as a link archive, guide or contact tool - feel free to establish your individual link collection along some of these functions:

  • Integrated notification, "Like", comment and moderation system
  • Integrated map search
  • Additional contact fields can be added
  • Integrated "Pin on" function
  • Multiple display options regarding the overview page
  • Marking of entries referring to New, Update or New Comments/s

and much more! "EasyLink" can be considered as the most professionell way of managing and displaying links on a website. It allows for various visual and structural effects that turn each page to a stopper. Customer's can turn for help, manuals and questions concerning individual settings here: EasyLink.

9. EasySlider

Easily the most functional slider around. This plugin isn't just a simpel picture slider, but is serves as a picture and content slider, information box, newsticker and - whatever content you want to exhibit in a special way. Consider some of its functions:

  • Numerous content can be inserted and displayed (to be used as kind of recent activity display, show thread, picture slider ...)
  • Various integration places (header, footer, sidebar, between forums ...)
  • Automatic adjustment of the visible content
  • Different filter options can be used (e.g. to filter empty boxes in advance, time filter ...)
  • An intelligent caching management was inserted (e.g. there can be determined for each type of content how it should be updated)

and much more! With this slider you're free to explore any posibble way to represent pictures and/or textual contents on a page. You can decide on the style, sliding mode, contents, places the slider should be exhibited and thus, allow your page to stand out. In case of questions, customizations or support our customers can join here: Support WBB4.

So, do you feel like going for a little shopping tour...?

If so, have fun with checking out the various plugins and including them within your project/community.

If you're in doubt or want to talk about some specific aspects, let us know here Questions about the purchase or feel free to contact any team member.

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