EasyLink v2 - the ultimate link list

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  • EasyLink v2 - the ultimate link list

    06 Apr 2015

    The follow-up of the popular EasyLink is available now for downloading.

    The development has been baked into the previous version and was expanded with numerous new features.
    Below, you can gain insight into established features but also impressions of further functions.

    Look and feel:

    As already seen in version 1, 4 different design lines are available and can be selected for an overview.

    Entry view:

    Everything at a glance, individual tabs for comments and contact: you decide how the visitors view the entries.

    The routing function was newly added here, but also an RSS feed to the link entry can motivate the visitor to visit the page.

    Additional fields:

    No matter what topic you broach: with the extra fields you can completely customize your link list due to your liking! By default, the contact fields are already integrated.

    Many settings ensure an optimum integration into an entry.

    The display is customizable: whether linked to the map view, an own tab or within the entry itself (left, under the information, before or after the descriptive text).

    Further functions:

    WCF 2.1 has introduced an useful history-function, which should not be missing in the link list.

    An often wished-for function was the one to be able to transfer an entry. Of course, we've included this request and extended it by means of the opportunity to inform the owner of the page via e-mail to promote his/her page itself by registering on the website.

    As already known from version 1, you can also allow for searching entries via site. However, it's a new feature that now there's the possibility to equip individual categories with specific markers. Entries will be marked accordingly on the map.

    However, not only the search via the site is possible, the usual search routine using keywords or user is, of course, integrated as well.

    As the navigation already suggests, there are also numerous predefined subpages for "Own entries", "All entries" or "Entries I'm following". Notifications may also not be missing and activities related to the link list are displayed in the dashboard.

    The slideshow box should be already known. Present your guests a selection of entries worth reading.

    With version 2, also an extension for the credit plugin JCoins has been added. Enable your users to collect credits for creating entries or the possibility to view entries for possessing collected credits. Naturally the respective sums are freely definable.

    » Shop item: cls-design.com/shop/index.php/Product/40-EasyLink/
    » Live demo: ttp://labator.net/showroom/easylinkv2/

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