EasyAds v2 - new Features

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  • EasyAds v2 - new Features

    13 May 2015


    today I’d like to offer you a brief insight into the new features of EasyAds v2.

    EasyAds v2 can be used in both, in WCF2.0 (without FlotChart statistics) and WCF2.1.

    ACP – options’ overview

    In addition to the known functions, the click lock can be defined here now manually. So far this has been restricted to the current session.
    If an external advertising service, which already provides detailed statistics, is used, the integrated statistics (incl. records!) can be disabled.

    Being much desired: To integrate your own code blocks in certain places of the page, as needed by the affiliate.

    InText advertising (more precisely described in the following course): Both, the limitation to certain devices and applications is possible. Additionally, the ad type can be influenced.

    ACP - changes concerning use, banner and integration, compared to the previous version:

    For the user, the popular statistics was expanded by means of a detailed, daily summarized collection. Thus you can quickly determine which advertisements (and position) are highlighted. This feature is only available in WCF2.1!

    Code blocks can be also specified directly in the banner, if the code should be only included when this special banner is to be displayed.
    Furthermore, the note (default: AD) can be optionally replaced with your own text. With the entry of disabled, the note for the individual banner is suppressed completely.

    Besides the addition of other applications (serving the automatic loading of various settings, such as page filtering,...), the selection of predefined event positions was expanded. So it’s possible in WBB4.1 to use now the added event place between contributions. (In WBB4 this has been resolved by using JS, thus it could cause short delays when calling the page.)

    New filter option: "Device"! Determine immediately, whether the advertising is to be displayed on mobile devices. In contrast to CSS fades, the statistics aren't distorted here. It’s also possible to be used for InText advertising.

    Many filter options are already known to the customers. Now it’s possible within the time filter to specify a particular date frame in addition to daily (from - to), special days (by - to). Ideal for example for sweepstakes that can be already created in advance.

    ACP – managing InText advertising:

    This is probably the best news for our customers: In the future also InText ads can be advertized!

    Overview of the different terms and synonyms, including the possibility of quick deactivation / activation.

    Similar to the banner, an own code block (including HTML formatting) or the simple indication of graphics + link can be given. Equally each term also includes the application of all known filter possibilities!

    InText advertising within the forum:

    Found terms are automatically detected and marked when the page is viewed. Depending on the setting (see the options at the top), the ad box will be opened by clicking or directly by applying a mouseover.

    The click version allows for the box to be closed by the icon or clicking on a different term. On mouseover, the box closes automatically when leaving the area.
    Here, too, there's a simple record of the number of impressions and clicks.

    Statistics within the frontend:

    If a WCF user was assigned to the user and respectively the right was allocated to the user's group, the new statistics variant can be also used in the frontend.

    If you have any questions, please post them in the discussion area: EasyAds v2 - Diskussionsbereich

    Please mind: Comments are not designed for support and questions!


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