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After the deep interest in the GalleryExtension it became quickly clear: there has to be a sequel. At the beginning it was the GalleryExtension’s actual goal to expand the former low-function WoltLab Gallery 2.0 by means of interesting features, but thanks to the video module it became the ultimate favorite for many administrators!

The successor of this product is ready and listens to the name: EasyMedia

One standalone application, two modules!

Whether to be used as a video extension to the WoltLab Gallery 2.1, as an extension of the images-modification as an alternative to the WoltLab Gallery or as a complete package: there is something for every user.

Function overview

Index page:
On the index page the visitors are welcomed by a random (or other sorting) combination of pictures and videos.

Of course, further parameters are also available in addition to the sorting: small/large (= more/fewer columns), in the case of videos instead of thumbnails directly the video or the video can be prepared even right to play. To do so, the index page consists completely of dashboard boxes. Thus, the videos can be positioned above or the boxes can be even wrapped on other pages (e.g. dashboard).

Module: Pictures
Initially not planned, then designed as a simple picture management tool and finally turned to a full-fledged alternative to the WoltLab Gallery: multiple upload, different watermarks (can be also restricted due to individual groups/users), marks, editor integration (see below), albums with upload approval and expiration time and much more. All functions affecting both modules will be listed again shortly after the modules.

Module: Video
Regarding the video module, throughout the last months numerous new proposals were tabled and many of them are ultimately included in this version. In addition to the standard upload, external sources can be still choosen from. Besides YouTube and Vimeo, the video portal Dailymotion is now also part of the game. Especially these video portals offer a nice additional feature: they read on request information such as title, description and tags from the source. A thumbnail is also created automatically if the user doesn’t assign an own image.

The watermark management is now only possible within the ACP. The experience of the GalleryExtension has shown that many users (primarily users of a community) had difficulties in using it. Now you can freely create watermarks as an administrator and assign them on request to individual users and groups. Apart from the text (there’s also an automatical username conversion), the image upload is available as well. By the way, the original images are saved when a watermark is activated and if needed, a new watermark can be applied. ;)

Rating system
As already seen on some of the screenshots: EasyMedia shows up again with a star-rating system. Of course, this function can be optionally disabled and you can use the conventional Like-system.

In case of a large number of pictures and videos, files can fall into oblivion. Add them to your Favorites and have them on the screen with just one mouse click.

On a separate page important points within pictures can be marked with a mouse click. The marking can be carried out by means of size as well as a proportional adjustment of the marker (lower resolution causes the picture size to be small -> accordingly the marking adapts):

An album can be used for both, pictures and videos. In case of listing, all albums are displayed for the user, but only the contents of the accessible albums. Due to an icon view on the right, the user can also view the access permission.
In the settings the user can also add optionally further authorized persons for uploading. By means of the expiration time it is ensured that an album can’t receive any new content at some given point in time. Naturally access permissions are also available.

Adding albums, pictures and videos in the editor is already known from the WoltLab Gallery and done there quite easily. In addition to the slideshow, the static view can be also used for albums, like in the album collection. Apart from the previews and player, the videos are also in several sizes at your disposal.

Sorting into an album
Both, pictures and videos can be sorted in the album by drag&drop. For uploading you can decide in case of choosing an album whether the new content is to be ordered forwards or backwards.


Well, that was first small insight into the features of EasyMedia. :)

An online demo will be established at the beginning of next week and accordingly this blog entry will be completed.

This thread is available for discussions: Diskussionsrunde - EasyMedia!

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