Style Preview "Base"

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  • Style Preview "Base"

    05 Apr 2016

    Shortly beforehand, multiple styles for Burning Board 4.0 and 4.1 are going to be released this year and "Base" breaks ground. Other styles will follow shortly thereafter. The styles will be also implemented for the upcoming version of Burning Board. In the case of the available styles, not all will be probably implemented. The decison will be ultimately due to the sales figures and the effort of an implementation.

    Well, let's turn to "Base", which is an attempt to take into account as many wishes as possible. Many people wished the best features from "Core", "Nova" and "Studio" within a style and it came out as "Base". Many items can now be easily switched off, which isn't (yet) the case with the mentioned styles. For example:

    The Guest Header

    "Base" also offers an extensive header, requesting guests to register. "Base" with or without the guest header:

    The User Header

    As many people like to have their statistics in mind, there's a corresponding indication in "Base". "Base" with and without the user header:

    Boxed view

    If you prefer a more prominent display, you can hide the background image in the content section and thus, regain the classic boxed view:

    Furthermore, you can also switch the menus in "Base" into a smaller representation:

    Again, there are multiple colors:

    Moreover, there are also many other smaller details that haven't been seen so far, such as the tooltips in the userpanel or the compact, integrated search:

    Next weekend, "Base" will be probably available in the shop. Until then a demo version will be also installed within the demo forum.

    I hope that we've hit your taste once again with "Base".

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