EasyMedia - Questions before purchase

During the last few weeks we've received many questions regarding EasyMedia.
This collection of questions and answers is aimed for all customers in the course of considering a possible purchase, thus feel the need to get answers beforehand. All instructions and tips for using this product are still listed in the product's support section.

Is EasyMedia compatible with WCF 2.0 (for example with WBB 4.0)?
No, in order to use EasyMedia, WCF 2.1 is required. However, it isn’t necessary to install a forum. EasyMedia can be also used as a standalone application (for example: as a pure image or video portal).

What is the difference regarding the GalleryExtension?
The GalleryExtension is an extension to the WoltLab Gallery 2.0 and thus, can be only installed with this product. The GalleryExtension upgrades the gallery with numerous functions, which have been only found with version 2.1 of the WoltLab gallery. Moreover, the video function in the WoltLab gallery is to be only used with the GalleryExtension.
EasyMedia, however, is a complete application that replaces both products. The image-module as a replacement for the WoltLab Gallery 2.0/2.1, the (much improved!) video-module as a replacement for the GalleryExtension.

Do I have to purchase both modules?
No. Of course, if no video capabilities are needed, then you only need the image-module. Just as you can only use the video-module.

Do I need the WoltLab Gallery in order to use EasyMedia?
No. EasyMedia is a complete substitute for the WoltLab Gallery. In addition to that, a video function isn’t even included in the WoltLab Gallery .

Can I install EasyMedia and WoltLab Gallery together?
Yes. It was deliberately ensured that you can install/run both applications parallel. On the one hand, this facilitates a data import from the Gallery, on the other hand, you can also use the image-module by EasyMedia for a completely different range of application.

I don’t want to use the rating system (stars), can I also use the "Likes”, familiar from the WCF?
As seen in the GalleryExtension, in the course of developing the application I’ve made sure that all "new" functions have to be activated first of all. So the usage of the "Like"-system in EasyMedia is, of course, possible (and also configured like that by default).

I would like to change from the Gallery, which packages do I need from EasyMedia?
Changing from Gallery 2.0
If still no video capabilities are needed: only the image-module.
Changing from Gallery 2.0 + GalleryExtension
Both, the image - and video-module are required.
Changing from Gallery 2.1
If still no video capabilities are needed: only the image-module.

How does EasyMedia 2.1 differ from the WoltLab Gallery?
First and foremost with regard to the functionality. Here’s a small excerpt from the additional functions:

  • Additional uploader per album are possible
  • Time of expiration for album (automatic upload disabled)
  • User-defined default sorting per album (title, uploading, manual sorting ...)
  • Countless watermarks can be configured
  • In the case of applying a watermark on the original image, the image itself is stored separately. Thus a subsequent change of the watermark is also possible.
  • Downloading images from an album as a package is possible
  • Replacing an image in the course of editing the image
  • Advanced editor integration: it is possible to gain access to other users’ albums/images/videos
  • Favorites function
  • Rating system (with 1-5 stars)
  • Proportional markers, different sizes of markers
  • User information: own dashboard boxes with graphs to use the set limits and general information

How can I transfer my data from the WoltLab Gallery to EasyMedia, is there an importer?An importer is included, allowing the data from the Gallery 2.0, 2.0 + GalleryExtension and 2.1 to be transferred. Differently than usual, the parallel installation is also possible, so the import in the same way can be managed.

I use the GalleryExtension and don’t want to switch to EasyMedia. Will the GalleryExtension be developed any further and will I still get support?
The GalleryExtension receives only security updates. New features won’t be added. Yet the extension can be still purchased until the start of WCF 2.2.

I use the GalleryExtension and modified it myself. If I now purchase EasyMedia and want to transfer my content, will my changes be gone or will they be transferred automatically?
The importer supports just all data contained in the original Gallery + original GalleryExtension. Own functions have to be integrated first into the importer, so that they will be included into the import.

I do not understand the EasyMedia system. What is included in the basic package regarding the features and do I automatically have to purchase one of the other modules?
The basic package contains the basic framework of EasyMedia, as well as all common features such as album management, Favorites’-system and rating system. This package is free of charge, but only available as a download in the customer area when at least one module is purchased as well.

Do I get a discount when purchasing the EasyMedia basic package and the two modules as well?
A discount is not available because in general the prices were calculated in a fair way. However, it isn’t ruled out that such a discount will be offered in the future, starting from a certain amount, in the course of developing further modules.

I’ve bought the GalleryExtension at one time but now I’d like to have EasyMedia. Because both products were developed by cls-design, will I get a discount as I’ve already purchased, more or less, the predecessor?
A discount for holders of the GalleryExtension license neither exists nor was designated at all.

This collection of questions is going to be constantly updated.