EasyRating: Addon for WBB

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  • EasyRating: Addon for WBB

    10 Sep 2016

    As already indicated, other modules for EasyRating are going to be developed, but these will enhance already existing products.

    WoltLab Burning Board will break ground.

    In contrast to the modules, a simple kind of rating has been designed here:

    Thread list - 2 variants

    Thread view

    As you can see in the last screenshot: even guests can rate - this function will be submitted also in the already available modules entries and lists.

    The rating function can be individually enabled and configured per forum – to range from presentation (position in thread list, color, icon) up to user rights.

    More details to follow. :)

    Update (16.09.2016):

    Approaching the final status, some details have been integrated yet.

    Forums' list-> optional rating display

    Alternative presentation below the topic title

    Own list of rated topics

    Taking into account the representation of the respective forum.
    If at least one forum uses the separate column, this option can be used for sorting as well.

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