Our future products for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0

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  • Our future products for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0

    01 Nov 2016 1

    Here's a first overview of how we're progressing regarding the versions of our products for the upcoming WoltLab Suite™. As the changes are substantial after all, we take the opportunity to optimize our service and invest the developmental period for especially the most popular products.

    With regard to the plugins, our future offers will be these:

    Planned plugins for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0

    • EasyLink v3 - is currently in the course of being newly developed
    • EasyMedia v2 - is going to be adapted to WSC 3.0 (new functions will be provided with v2.1 - this functional update will also last for the last time for the WCF 2.1 version)
    • EasyRating v2 - adaption to WSC 3.0 (there will be new functions with v2.1)
    • EasyMood v2 - redevelopment
    • EasyNotes v2 - redevelopment
    • EasyAds v3 - adaption to WSC 3.0
    • EasySlider v3 - redevelopment (probably also compatible with WCF 2.1)

    Plugins that will not appear for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0
    • EasyPoll (will be replaced by a new product)
    • PostMarker
    • EasyCountdown

    New plugins for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0

    Of course, there are also plans for new products, these will be presented then in due time.

    Planned styles for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0

    Many, but not all styles for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0.0 will be implemented. Here too, we seize the opportunity to improve our offers. The order of realization will be partly determined by this survey:

    Which styles should be adapted for WSC?

    All styles for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0.0 will receive an optionally usable guest / member header and a function to globally enable/disable the right sidebar:

    A publication of the first products is planned to take place shortly after the release of the final version of WoltLab Suite™ 3.0.

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