Preview of Easyslider v3 - Part 1: Backend

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  • Preview of Easyslider v3 - Part 1: Backend

    28 Feb 2017

    With Easyslider v3 the next product for WoltLab Suite is at the ready.

    In this short series we're going to offer you a first insight into the structure of the new development of this popular slider. The backend-administration makes the start:

    Boxes' list - including links for the boxes' management of WCS (if selected as the integration variant)

    Add a box: in addition to the "classic" version of template/event, it is possible to integrate the Easyslider box via the box system of WCS.

    Now there are only two variants: right in the box there's to be selected directly between compact and detailed. The contents automatically adjust to the respective box.

    List of content within a box including direct ordering.

    Selection of the desired content, in addition to other existing content that is directly available to be added.

    Each content provides the individual functions of its plugins. With a simple mouse click you can assemble the desired configuration before you know it.

    The greatest innovations at a glance:
    • Package system: a content type can be created now by your own or from other developers for their products
    • Each content type impresses with specific options
    • No more links: the content is created directly in the box or selected then in the selection of content
    • Integration into the boxes' system of WCS: no more problems with template/event positions - the integration into a WCS-box allows for easy positioning and filtering by means of pages within the box management of WCS
    • No more tormenting with different modes: now there's only the choice between compact and detailed in the box - the content adjusts automatically! Moreover, for example the size of the user avatar is also set automatically, based on the enabled viewing options
    • Full permissions: Easyslider v3 doesn't "get" the content anymore by itself, but relies on the respective classes of the related plugin
    • Caching just on demand – thus there's always current content

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