Preview of Easyslider v3 - Part 2: Frontend

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  • Preview of Easyslider v3 - Part 2: Frontend

    04 Mar 2017

    In addition to part 1 (preview of Easyslider v3 - Part 1: Backend), we want to offer you today an insight into the design of the Easyslider on the side itself.

    There are two different types of display: compact and detailed

    All content is equipped with numerous options and thus, the content (especially the avatar/image to the left) adapts automatically to the enabled display.

    While the compact view has to limit itself to just a few lines, the detailed view can be designed, depending on the content, even with a wrapper above the text.
    The appearance was deliberately based on the display of the plugin/application.

    Consider here a few impressions exhibiting different content:

    (Mode: detailed - integration in a WSC-box)

    (Mode: compact - integration via an event position)

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