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    The following is a list of external services used in our products. Basically all areas of WoltLab Bunring Board 4.1 and WoltLab Suite 3.x are already covered by the supplied data protection declaration. It is advisable to check again for their presence.

    Customers using Telegrafico and / or ShapeShifter in WoltLab Burning Board 3.1 or 4.0, we recommend to use the part for the Google Fonts from the privacy policy of WoltLab Suite Core or to remove the Google Fonts.

    External service: Google

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    With the release of the new version of WoltLab Suite 3.1, we have adapted all our products that were previously available for WoltLab Suite 3.0 to the new version. The latest version is automatically downloaded in the shop. Older versions for WoltLab Suite 3.0 and WoltLab Burning Board 4 are of course accessible too. The easiest way to do this is via this link:

    Download products

    Here you can call up the license and download an older version. On the product pages themselves, under "Published

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    The new version of Ambience is now available for WoltLab Suite 3.0. Ambience, like other styles, was created from scratch and optimized in many ways. Thus, general innovations like a guestpanel / userpanel, a fixed main menu throughout scrolling and a collapsible sidebar were inmplemented into Ambience, too. Naturally, all functions can be optionally deactivated.

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    The new version of Nexus is now available for WoltLab Suite 3.0. Nexus, like other styles, was created from scratch and optimized in many ways. Accordingly, it offers e.g. more space for menu items within the userpanel. The usercard has been revised as well and is now offered in a new, elegant version with the style.

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    BlackOps, the best-selling dark style for Burning Board is now available for the next software generation, WoltLab Suite 3.0. BlackOps was totally rebuilt, modernized and technically constructed to be up to date. Thus functions were implemented, which became the standard in the last years, at least for cls-design. Naturally, all functions can be optionally deactivated.

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    Short and crisp: That doesn't work.

    Styles for Burning Board 4 are basically incompatible with the latest software version from the house of WoltLab. Before updating to WoltLab Suite 3.0, the styles and the supplied components should be uninstalled because errors can occur after the update.

    In addition to the style package itself, also the packages, supplied by the styles, should be removed:

    • com.cls-design.wcf.cookieLib

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    SSL * ("Secure Sockets Layer") is a transmission protocol that ensures greater security during data transfer. While data, such as passwords, is transmitted in plain text, SSL transmits encrypted data, thus they can't be read automatically.

    Encryption is important for instance in foreign wireless networks within public places. Here, you basically shouldn't register with pages without an HTTPS connection because otherwise the data (passwords, etc.) can be read by other people, too.


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    Here's a first overview of how we're progressing regarding the versions of our products for the upcoming WoltLab Suite™. As the changes are substantial after all, we take the opportunity to optimize our service and invest the developmental period for especially the most popular products.

    With regard to the plugins, our future offers will be these:

    Planned plugins for WoltLab Suite™ 3.0

    • EasyLink v3 - is currently in the course of being newly developed
    • EasyMedia v2 - is going to be adapted

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    By popular demand, Studio has received a menu that is fixed at the top of the screen in the course of scrolling:

    In addition to this change, several bug fixes and some other improvements have been incorporated for the mobile display in the update. Thus e.g. the logo can be always viewed, in the mobile version, in the update and it also automatically adjusts to the width of the page.

    The corresponding update for Burning Board 4.1 is now available for all customers for free.

    As an update is

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    Due to multiple requests, "Core" has received a minor feature update. For one thing there's the hero guest-header, which has been already known from other styles, "discreetly" inviting guests to register:

    For another thing, "Core" has received a member-header that displays several statistics, which is also known from various other styles:

    The new version is available in the customer area. Those people who have already modified quite a lot within the style, can take a look at the tutorial

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