• Hello,

    I get popup plugin for 4.1 but as it's in deustch, i don't understand everything.

    I success to get the popup and change color or place but i don't get this :

    [Blocked Image: https://www.woltlab.com/attachment/124275-pasted-from-clipboard-png/]

    What can i do to get it ?

    In english it would be perfect :)

    Please find attached file for pictures.

  • Hi @myk,

    thanks for reporting the language issue, that shouldn't be the regular state. Right now I can only speculate where the translation was dropped, however, either me or Tom will hand in the translation later, be sure of that. :)

    In the meantime, I'll offer you here a translation of the basic settings, allowing you to use the plugin. Unfortunately, I can't view the first screenshot, so please let us know, what you intended to do, if the translation of the setting doesn't offer a solution, ok?

    The translation is based on the natural order of the settings within the ACP, so you can read it top-down:


    Popup Settings

    Global Settings

    Show Popup

    Show Popup globally
    By default the popup is only displayed on the forum index

    Hide all buttons

    Hide close-button

    To hide the title, leave the field blank.

    If you leave the text box blank, a sample text to the registration prompt is displayed.

    Use HTML in the text

    Hide text


    Color scheme


    Type of display:

    a) Popup
    b) Footer bar
    Make sure that the copyright in the footer isn't covered and, if necessary, adjust your styles!

    Width of the popup in pixels.

    Cookie Settings

    Period of time
    Period of time after which the popup should be displayed again

    Cookie title
    Assign new cookie name. This option is useful if you want to change the content of the popup and redisplay it to all visitors.

    Cookie title
    Insert the name of the cookie you want to delete. If you have inserted a new cookie name, you can delete the old cookie during the next page call. The popup appears after deleting only after the second page call.

    Disable Cookie
    If cookies are disabled, the popup will be displayed at every page request.

    Own Link

    Use own link


    Link title

    myk, I hope this quick translation helps to at least understand the single setting features within the ACP? If not or if there are further questions, just let us know. Sorry for any inconvenience. :keks: