Changes concerning the price structure, current operations and an outlook to 2015

  • Hi everbody,

    we'd like to inform you about oncoming changes and an outlook concerning cls-design itself.

    New pricing structure in 2015

    On the 1.1.2015 a new sales tax will become effective, which means for sellers that in the future they must pay over the sales tax in the country of the buyer. There is unfortunately no Europen uniform tax rate, so the price changes for all those customers who don't come from Germany. For customers from Germany and non-EU countries, nothing changes in this respect, it will remain at 19% sales tax.

    Customers from abroad have to accept a generally slightly increased price, for example:

    Austria: 12.52 EUR net + 20% tax = 15,02 EUR retail pricing + 0.12 UER

    Italy: 12.52 EUR net + 22% tax = 15.27 EUR retail pricing + 0.32 UER

    Transfering to Burning Board 4

    cls-design will shift until the end of the year to Burning Board 4, which can entail a closure of the website's offers for several days. Anyone who has planed major changes at his/her forum around the turn of the year, should stock up now in time with downloads. During the shifting, there will be neither way to download anything, nor to obtain support.

    And what about 2015?

    cls-design will be also here next year. :) There are still of course also new styles and addons to come for Burning Board 4. At this point it should be mentioned again:

    All of the necessary updates (styles and plugins) for Burning Board 4.1 are free of charge.

    Cr@@gle is working on new versions of his addons. The MemorialPlace for Burning Board 4 will be presented brand-new. This has been already announced for this year, but for various reasons the development had to be postponed to 2015.

    Furthermore, cls- design will probably break new ground next year in a whole new area. There will be more information if there's something to present.

    So it's worth coming over again in the future, we're looking forward to you!

    Regards by the
    cls-design team