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Random Products
  • Alpha WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Alpha - the dominant design allowing each forum to become the alpha leader. This graphically elaborate style includes variable background graphics, a flexible header height adjustment and a graphically alternating header, which is perfect for logos, titles and subtitles. You can discover the element of alternation in the active color hoover for the userpanel and mainMenu, additionally possessing a drop-down menu. The userpanel is delicately integrated into the header and its finesse lies not least in the icon form. The navigation offers an accompanying sliding marker, the new online/offline indication underlines the spirit of the times, there are individual forum icons and a built-in footer area, thus representing the page as an unit that is divided via a colored line termination (content area vs. footer area). Adherents of creative, playful and at the same time modern designs will love this one and see how a project can be put dominantly, but stylishly on stage.
  • EasyMedia - Images WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The image extension of EasyMedia!

    The following functions are part of the current Version 2.1, which can be installed under WoltLab Suite 3.0 and 3.1. Version 2 and Version 1 (for WoltLab Community Framework 2.1) don't contain some of these functions or only in a limited form. If you have a WCF 2.1 and want to install EasyMedia Version 1, please ask in advance if there is a function important for you! All available modules are installed in the live demo!
    The showroom of version 1 is still available: Showroom EasyMedia v1

    The following module is required for the video functions: Module: EasyMedia Videos

    EasyMedia Basis (free basic structure, automatically included in the license)
    Display of limitations and resources used in own boxes with graphical elements[/td
    Album managementExtensive access restriction (also by users/user groups), additional uploaders possible, public albums (access/upload by user groups), time of expiration, user-defined default sorting
    CategoriesCommon use of images and videos or separately (with permission and optional custom image and video category boxes)
    Editor integrationOwn albums, pictures and videos (depending on modules)
    All albums, pictures and videos
    Search for pictures and videos
    Rating system1-5 stars, alternative to the Like system of WCF
    LimitationsLimiting the number of albums, pictures, videos, and storage space
    User InformationDisplay of limitations and resources used in own boxes with graphical elements

    EasyMedia images (excerpt from individual functions)
    GeneralMulti-Upload, automatic transfer of the file name as description, reading of camera data, map display, time-controlled publication, etc.
    Watermark Innumerable watermarks can be created and assigned to individual users/groups.
    Replace graphicPossible with group rights, optional only as long as no ratings/tricks have been submitted.
    FavoritesSave images as favorites and access them via a separate page.
    MarkingsMarkers can have different sizes and adjust proportionally to the image size (different screen resolutions -> suitable markers!).
    Flexible representationOptionally, a flexible image display can be used. Ideal for different aspect ratios.

    Further function descriptions: EasyMedia, the extensive media center
    Blog article Preview Version 2.1:EasyMedia v2.1 - Function update (only germany)

    Further questions before the purchase: Questions before the purchase

    Import is supported from the following systems:
    - WoltLab Gallery 2.0
    - WoltLab Gallery 2.0 + CLS-Design GalleryExtension
    - WoltLab Gallery 2.1
    - WoltLab Gallery 3.0

    In addition, it is also possible to install EasyMedia in the same system, to operate it or to transfer the data.

  • CrossWood WBB 4

    CrossWood the rustic design in which the idea of being block-headed can be taken visually and one isn't mentally blocked. In accordance with the naming, the wooden background speaks for itself and at the same time it loosens up a too rigid form by applying a conscious horizontal position of the bar within the navigation buttons and containerHeads. Moreover, the mentioned navigation buttons were placed at an angle, adding to the style's creative character, which also finds its way into the userpanel. On the one hand the search box was integrated into this, on the other hand the dichotomy of content attracts attention (user data plus "menu" content) that can still be accentuated by the display in the dashboard. The content area is framed by a narrow bipartite contour, adding to the page a kind of second tableau, a background image within a background image. The thread view was designed reciprocally colored, allowing for a clear recognition and destinction of the posts. With this style you're on the wrong track, but it leads in the right direction because this wood testifies to a novel designing craft.
  • Wir setzen Ihre Vorlage zu einem fertigen Stil für WoltLab Suite 3 um. Vorlagen können zum Beispiel sein:

    • Stile von Burning Board 3 und 4
    • Stile und Themes anderer Forensysteme
    • Stile und Themes von Content-Management-Systemen wie Wordpress usw.
    • Grafische Vorlagen (Bildschirmfotos, Photoshoplayouts usw.).

    Da jeder Auftrag individuell nach Aufwand bewertet wird, ist hier eine Absprache vor Auftragsbeginn zwingend erforderlich. Sollten Sie an einer Umsetzung interessiert sein, dann schreiben Sie uns eine eMail ( mit Ihren Vorstellungen und Anschauungsmaterial (Screenshots usw.).

    Wir erstellen keine individuellen Designs, wir setzen fertige Vorlagen zu einer installationsfähigen für WoltLab Suite 3 Stildatei um.
  • EasyNotes WCF 2.1

    The ultimate extension for your WCF2/WBB4 with many additional features.
    Forgetting things was yesterday's news – EasyNotes is now.
    Forgetting things was yesterday's news – EasyNotes is now.
    You can freely lay out note-its, set notifications or share them with friends (see screenshots - rights are possible).
    Of course, there's also the integration into the editor available, in addition to the automatic reminder (with - optionally - daily/weekly repeat) - as well as individual notes can be equally pinned onto the userpanel in case of frequent use.
    The functions at a glance:
    • Integration into the userpanel
    • Notes in the note-it style (different colors, special font)
    • Sharing with other users (extensive rights are possible)
    • Comment system
    • File attachments for individual notes allowing for exchanges with your friends
    • Extensive memory function (overlay, notification, conversation, infobox)
    • Memory function with a repeat mode (daily, weekly)
    • Archive (by memory or run-time)
    • Create your own folders (including editor-integration for a quick insertion into the post!)
    • Notes and folders can be directly pinnend into the userpanel - for quick access
    • Notes can be transferred to other users (for example: distribute tasks within the team)
    • Missing language variables in the screenshots are, of course, included in the paid version.

    Info: The plugin can be also tested live in the specified showroom – a onetime registration in the forum is necessary (because it is a pure user-plugin).
    • Numerous functions
    • Easy to configure
    • Great notification functions
    • Note-it style

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