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  • Classic WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Classic - the classical design with a touch of "Upperclass". In order to provide a project with an elegant and at the same time classic complexion, the combination of these two claims was therefore made for this style. A traditionally held composition is created by means of the lavish background patterns and refined header pattern with an integrated color gradient, which brings back memories of exclusive leather interiors. The main menu exhibits a color change throughout the active hoover and is accompanied discreetly and modernly in the process of marking by a triangular icon. You can detect again within the thread view graphical textures and the sign-in /register panel was added to the language choice, all together to be placed en block to the right hand side of the header. An elegant eye-catcher that doesn't distract from the forum itself. The triangular heldtop of the breadcrumbs and the distinctive footer are once more a reference on the elegant and stylish character of the design. Its timeless and yet classical value shows how to successfully represent confidently stylishness 2.0.
  • BlackOps WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    BlackOps - the dramatical-expressive design that isn't made for everyone, but will please any owner. The suggestive power of this style lies in the two contrasting colors, which include the background and the containerHeads as well as the userpanel. Black meets an emphasized glaring contrast, resulting in a dazzling combination that displays a fluorescent effect. The lightbox effect within the navigation causes another radiance, analogously seen for the active hoover around the small buttons such as "Unread topics". The design has a variable width and individual adjustments, like for the desired logo, can be easily carried out by newbies. Subtle drop shadows along the fringe and the minimum rounding of the edges refer to the modern character and thus, allow "BlackOps" to take up its usage in a versatile way. Anyone appreciating a touch of drama, the trace of flamboyance and the atmospheric density of a computer game, will find a visual equivalent in this design.
  • Wir setzen Ihre Vorlage zu einem fertigen Stil für WoltLab Suite 3 um. Vorlagen können zum Beispiel sein:

    • Stile von Burning Board 3 und 4
    • Stile und Themes anderer Forensysteme
    • Stile und Themes von Content-Management-Systemen wie Wordpress usw.
    • Grafische Vorlagen (Bildschirmfotos, Photoshoplayouts usw.).

    Da jeder Auftrag individuell nach Aufwand bewertet wird, ist hier eine Absprache vor Auftragsbeginn zwingend erforderlich. Sollten Sie an einer Umsetzung interessiert sein, dann schreiben Sie uns eine eMail ( mit Ihren Vorstellungen und Anschauungsmaterial (Screenshots usw.).

    Wir erstellen keine individuellen Designs, wir setzen fertige Vorlagen zu einer installationsfähigen für WoltLab Suite 3 Stildatei um.
  • Sideway WBB 4

    Sideway - the modern way of designing to appear classically. The marbled-looking background serves as a discreet and at the same time refined projection surface, which caresses the color-contrasting header and footer area. Wide, solid frames, textures and hatching lines allow for the notion of a tasteful stationery style. The color nuances throughout the mouseover within the navigation charmingly underline the functional character of the content, while the distinct userpanel above doesn't distract. The angular orientation of the style can be found at all levels (forum, containerHeads and thread view) in order to prompt associations regarding a classical design, but these are specifically sallied in terms of graphical subleties, so the style is transfered into the 21st century. Anyone who considers classical designs as being too simple and antiquated, can purchase stylish classicism with this design that is committed to the modern community culture. Classics don't become extinct,they only gain on style.
  • GalleryExtension WoltLab Gallery 2.0

    Spice up your WoltLab Community Gallery v2.0 with many features - including, among others, a video library!

    This gallery extension leaves nothing to be desired.
    All the below mentioned features can be individually activated.

    Star rating system (1-5 stars)
    • It replaces the well-known WCF2 Like/Dislike by an evaluation module with stars .
      Votes are also transferred in the background into the Like-system (4-5 stars = Like, 1 star = Dislike) - thus, the function can be disabled at any time without losing the votes.
    Add images to your own Favorites
    • Extra box in the profile with the favorite pictures
    • Marking of images that I have marked as a favorite
    • One own tab with my favorites
    • Displaying in the image's sidebar, who has the image marked as a favorite
    Private albums
    • Completely private (= only owner has access rights)
    • Private, only for users who I follow
    • Integrated also for videos! (video module is described below)
    Profile Tab
    • Displays a gallery tab in the userprofile with the user albums
    Mention users
    • Similar to the UserMention-function within threads, users to pictures can be also mentioned. However, this is no direct marker in images, but users are mentioned in the sidebar within the image display.
    • In addition to that, the users can be notified - in case of a multiple upload, only one notification is generated!
    Insert Image-marker
    • This allows for marking users, free texts and links on a picture
    • Display of the selected users in the sidebar
    • When the module is enabled and marks exist, the slideshow is added automatically into the navigation in order to have the image of the tooltips available
    • The user tooltip is similar to that of the famous userprofil preview of WCF2
    • There's no limit for the TextMarker, even BBCodes are also possible
    • Links are kept classic and narrow. If more details are required, the textMarker + [ url ]-BBCode should be used
    • There's a collection of recent markers with options + inserting new marker
    • Available markings can be moved simply by drag&drop to the desired position
    • Of course, users will be informed if they should be marked on an image
    New images
    • If there are too few new (not yet viewed) images (< 5), the last x images will be loaded in addition.
    Upload videos + external integration
    • In addition to images, videos can be also uploaded or links to external video sources.
    Share albums
    • Hereby it is possible that an user shares his album with other users. So these shared-users can also upload images into the album (ideal for joint projects or experiences).
    Quick navigation in the detail screen
    • Simply using the left/right navigation (forward/backward) for a comfortable browsing of images in an album.
    • Depending on the permission of the user, s/he can create own watermarks (picture or text) and optionally select that throughout the image upload.
    • Of course there are also global watermarks.
    • Also a subsequent assign/remove of watermarks is possible.
    • Watermarks can be provided for only certain usergroups throughout creating or just for certain image formats.
    Assign multiple images at once to another category
    • Quick moderation: multiple images are added to/removed from one category in one fell swoop.
    • Here only the the access rights to the category are checked. If a selected image is already in a category, it has no effect.
    • In the course of removing it is additionally checked, whether each selected image is assigned to at least one other category, otherwise it has no effect.
    Rotate images
    • Hereby you can simply turn and re-save (including thumbnails) images when editing via Quick-link.
    Search for pictures & video coordinates
    • Hereby the map page with options to search in a specific district/area is extended (ideal for images/videos to events and destinations).
    • The results are, of course, appropriately formatted and show the location rather than the other information + distance map.
    Categories structure->2nd & 3rdlevel
    • In contrast to the other functions, this is automatically active after installing the expansion package: it allows for two further levels of sub-categories! Thus, a better segmentation of images and videos is possible
    • In addition to that, the category list in the sidebar will be shown completely! (Optional - otherwise like in the standard gallery: subcategories are visible only if the parent's category is active...)
    • Throughout the image upload, parent categories aren't automatically selected (optional, otherwise the parent items are selected)
    Images description: Editor is something fine!
    • Now the editor is also available for the image description
    • Simple formatting, simple adding of further BBCodes/smilies
    Use filename as title, if no title is specified
    • When enabled, the title check is disabled and the filename (without extension) is used in an empty title. Ideal for mass uploads, which are already identified.
    Sorting pictures in an album
    • New module (31 August 2014) - but all the more powerful and, above all, helpful. The days are gone, when pictures in an album are jumbled!
    • Many additional functions
    • Modules can be activated individually
    • WoltLab Community Gallery v2.0 is required!

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    Es gibt den Chat von cWalz und Tims Chat. Leider haben beide nicht die Funktionen die ich benötigen würde. Für Standard-Chat sind die wirklich gut. Aber nicht für meinen geplanten Anwendungsfall.
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    Was meinst du damit keinen vernünftigen Chat bietet?
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    Aso, muenchner1989, dachte das ist aktuell.^^ Dank dir!
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    Tham khảo đầy đủ các dịch vụ tại thẩm mỹ viện Ngô Mộng Hùng
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    Quote from CalmSeas: “3. I noticed that there is a "comma" after the price of donation. Could this be change to show a "dot" - Show it this way: $1.00 - instead of $1,00 ” I would also like to know how to do that.
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    Now follows MaDa-Network.



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