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  • Inspire WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Inspire ist ein Stil auschließlich für WoltLab Suite 3 erstellt. Gegenüber anderen Stilen besitzt Inspire einige Besonderheiten. So wird der Header beim Scrollen in einer verkleinerten Darstellung am Bildschirmrand fixiert.

    Darüber hinaus wird die erste Ebene des Hauptmenüs immer sichtbar unter dem Header eingeblendet. Auf Tablets werden zusätzlich Hauptmenü und Breadcrumbs angezeigt.

    Erstmalig bei unseren Stilen können sich die Miglieder entscheiden was sie im Header angezeigt haben wollen: Eine einfache Begrüßung oder eine ausführliche Statistik über erstellte Inhalte. Diese ist nun direkt mit den entsprechenden Inhalten verlinkt.

    Im Header ist ein Slider integriert der das Hintergrundbild abwechselnd in fünf verschiedenen Abschnitten anzeigt. Und natürlich ist auch Insprie in fünf verschiedenen, vorkonfigurierten Faben (Blau, Lila, Grün, Braun und Rot) erhältlich.
  • Telegrafico WBB 4

    Telegraphico - the universal all-rounder for every forum project. Anyone who loves a stylish appearance can always rely on this design leader. The simple elegance is its trademark and it reveals itself right at the beginning in the mainMenu. This combines a square basic form but oval-shaped navigation buttons are recessed, whose "lightbox"-effect is shining throughout the mouseover. The logo placement isn't left here to chance, but located in a selected position left to the navigation. The drop-down menu within the navigation accounts for the necessary modernity, which is also represented by the straight and sleek constructing character. Colour-flexible containerHeads receive their additional expressiveness due to the linear and vertical thread view. A division of content that reinforces their function completely. The emphasized wide footer area allows for the integration of additional content but can also stand on its own, in order to appear closer to a website view. From now on style can be purchased - with this timeless dream of a design.
  • Colorplay WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Colorplay - the simple design whose elegance reveals itself in the second look. Not only the first but also the second look is worthwhile in this style because it reveals artistic understatement. The background hatch recalls an ingrain denim fabric, which subtly emphasizes the diagonal beams hatching in the header and in the containerHeads. The lateral border via shadow suggests a sculptural effect, while the aspect of the rays can be found throughout the active hoover for the main menu and the lightbox effect in the search panel. Two innovative elements can be detected in the integrated individual forums' icons and the tab form of the navigation, reminding one of the mathematical superellipse. Simple needn't be plain, but it can impress ipso facto that the viewer isn't distracted, but decently attracted. Selected details underline the appropriate value and convey to the viewer that here the highlight has to be discovered, it doesn't give itself away. However, who seeks, shall find...
  • EasyRating WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The "Thankomat" and the “Like” belong to yesterday, today it’s "EasyRating"!
    Three different modules concerning the aspect of evaluation.
    Three versatile modules for each platform.
    Three differentiated modules within one plugin.

    "EasyRating", that's the new ultimate voting, evaluation and review product, living by the motto: Why just one, if everything’s possible. Anyone who’s now rubbing his/her eyes and asking whether this can really be true, can be reassured: Yes, it's true. "EasyRating" represents an "all-in one" product solution that can be used for different administrators and different types of applications.

    Instead of needing to decide beforehand on one module and maybe regretting that later on, every administrator receives all three possibilities at once and can choose, depending on the usage, which module is to be used on his/her website. Whether one, two or three, everything can be used, but needn’t be.

    Accordingly, "EasyRating" will be delivered inherently on a modular base and these are the three modules:
    1. The entry module (i.e. object reviewing based on established criteria)
    2. The list module (i.e. freely preparable lists with elements to be chosen or added)
    3. The review module (i.e. object evaluation based on points and emphasizing individual items)
    In essence, all these modules focus on the function that users can apply a form of assessment. That means that later on the users can
    • Evaluate entries by third parties on the basis of defined criteria (by the person offering the entry)
    • can write reviews on e.g. products and specify on them by means of set parameters (by the person offering the review) and
    • create own lists that other people can vote on
    Therefore each of the three modules has its own task and each appeals to a certain type of user behavior.

    Find out more about the individual modules: EasyRating - Description

    Available now in version 2 for WoltLab Community Suite 3.

  • DashMedia WBB 4

    DashMedia - the swinging type of community fittings. A distinctively curved navigation bar with a drop-down submenu in balloons optics, a color-alternating active hoover and an implied plasticity due to a subtle drop shadow - all of that already points to the versatile character of the style. Daring forms are combined here with powerful hoover effects and are at the same time equipped with a fixed mainMenu. The result: The navigation including the userpanel scrolls, figuratively speaking, with you. The header in a scratch look is deliberately casual, can be used versatilely (logo, advertising, etc.) due to the space, while the thread view appears in a modern business look and the footer seems to belong almost imperceptibly to the main content, it isn't exposed undue. The search panel was placed via slide-out mechanism in front of the userpanel, thus looking dynamically functional. The userpanel in turn impresses with icons for the control functions and a modern drop-down style. With this design you set a visual exclamation point, it combines functionality with progress, more arguments? Not necessary, one glance suffices.

Recent Activities

  • Perikles -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board - Platinum Lizenz - unbeschränkte Updates on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Schließe mich der Suche an und biete realistische 350€..;)
  • cbs1980 -

    Has replied to Rising Darknesss' marketplace item ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    bei flormarkt hattest du 20 euro bekommen aber nicht bei mir es ist verkauft
  • cbs1980 -

    Has added a comment to ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    nicht bei mir und ich habe es verkauft für 250 euro
  • SpawnCube -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board 4.0 on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Angebot korrekt angepasst, damit es keine Missverständnisse gibt.
  • SpawnCube -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board 4.0 on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Runter auf 20 EUR
  • vuaphelieu -

    Wrote a comment on vuaphelieu’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    thu mua phe lieu gia cao tai khu vuc binh duong va tphcm
  • Rising Darkness -

    Has replied to Rising Darknesss' marketplace item ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Ich habe das mal für meine Bedürfnisse (Gimmicks, DSGVO Zusätze, etc.) persönlich nachgerechnet inkl. forum auf aktuelle Version.
    Ich komme mit Lizenzen und drumherum auf knappe 196,06€ für eine erste investionen. Dazu kommt natürlich noch der kauf…
  • Rising Darkness -

    Has added a comment to ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    ich biete ebenso 20€ für das Projekt an. Wie Grischabock halte ich 150 Euro ein ein wenig für happig. Eine veraltete Software (Version 4.0).
    Wird die Lizenz übertragen, oder übergibst du den Account. bei ersterem würde ich einen Teil der…
  • bhavinidatta -

    Now follows Highprofileagency.



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