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  • Spiralus WBB 4

    Spiralus - the funky innovative design that turns each project into a visual magnet. Simply all different, that is the motto of this style in which the familiar post-it notes were the force behind. Navigation, userpanel, search panel or footer content, the sticky notes stick here visually and formally. The forum area as a ring binder provides the optimum setting for the compulsory pin-graphics, ink stains in the header and the wooden background that reminds one of a study or school desk. The different colors are saturated to not appear jarring, but they don't miss their recognition anyway. In the mainMenu you can discover an animation while using an active hoover, causing the design to appear dynamic. The containerHeads were graphically drawn in accordance with a highlighter, the dashboard view interprets the sticky notes in the form of inserted notes and the thread view is reminiscent of a pasted important note. With this design each desktop chaos has an end and it provides a site with its irinimitable note.
  • StarLight WBB 4

    StarLight - the radiantly beautiful design for a dazzling debut of the forum. The elongated star graphics allow for the association of a brilliant-cut diamond, whose charisma pervades the entire page and also the menu bars. According to the flawlessness, the principle of the analog structurality has been applied within this style. All, mainMenu, userpanel, category bars, tab menues and subtab-menues were placed on one level, so that each element takes its place in a clear way in this design firmament. This causes the tab elements to appear slightly exposed and to be moved closer to a 3D view. More optical eye-catchers are the drop-down menu for the userpanel and the color-differentiated header and footer area. Their slightly changing diamond pattern and the tail pattern in the header create the impression of a spatial separation - Heaven and Earth. This design sparkles and reveals its elegant character through the integrated stylistic details. A radiant glow that lets viewers' eyes shine - why should it be less for a forum?
  • EasyCountdown WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The ultimate countdown extension for the actual WoltLab Suite Forum 5.x (Version 2) and also WoltLab Burning Board 4.x (Version 1)!

    Thus, topics can be provided with an expiration time - ideal for sweepstakes or other time-limited promotions!
    After the expiration time the topic can be closed (optional!) automatically.
    The countdown is displayed in the thread list as well as in the topic itself. Additionally, a subpage is at your disposal where the topics are displayed in a detailed as well as tabular view. (See link to the demo)

    The functions (WBB 5):
    • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
    • Extensive display options (separate page)
    • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
    • User notification when topics have expired
    • A few screenshots show the functionality
    • Close and open threads

    The functions (WBB 4):
    • Usergroup settings - who's allowed to place a countdown?
    • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
    • Extensive display and filtering options
    • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
    • User notification when topics have expired
    • A few screenshots show the functionality

    • Countdown to topics
    • Easy to configure
    • Great notification functions
  • Voverom WBB 4

    Voverom - the extraordinary design, which is a credit to his equally exceptional name. The style, decorated in shades of brown, is accompanied by color-contrasts in the navigation and the containerHeads, which form a harmonious unit in combination with the colored customized font of the forums. The graphical details that both invigorate and give its individual touch along with a recognition value, are obtained by the design's header hatch in playful cross stitch optics and the single rank-pedant along the outline of the forum. The thread view has been also refined by page pattern and the rounded shape of the navigation, including drop shadows, leaves a slightly floating impression. The footer area also gets its sculptural character as it was worked here with individual tab fringes. A style like this sticks in the memory and provides a positive contrast to standardized designs via its graphical and compositional specifications. Anyone who has courage regarding color, playfulness and the X factor, should immediately seize it.
  • Classic WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Classic - the classical design with a touch of "Upperclass". In order to provide a project with an elegant and at the same time classic complexion, the combination of these two claims was therefore made for this style. A traditionally held composition is created by means of the lavish background patterns and refined header pattern with an integrated color gradient, which brings back memories of exclusive leather interiors. The main menu exhibits a color change throughout the active hoover and is accompanied discreetly and modernly in the process of marking by a triangular icon. You can detect again within the thread view graphical textures and the sign-in /register panel was added to the language choice, all together to be placed en block to the right hand side of the header. An elegant eye-catcher that doesn't distract from the forum itself. The triangular heldtop of the breadcrumbs and the distinctive footer are once more a reference on the elegant and stylish character of the design. Its timeless and yet classical value shows how to successfully represent confidently stylishness 2.0.

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