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Random Products
  • BlackOps WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    BlackOps - the dramatical-expressive design that isn't made for everyone, but will please any owner. The suggestive power of this style lies in the two contrasting colors, which include the background and the containerHeads as well as the userpanel. Black meets an emphasized glaring contrast, resulting in a dazzling combination that displays a fluorescent effect. The lightbox effect within the navigation causes another radiance, analogously seen for the active hoover around the small buttons such as "Unread topics". The design has a variable width and individual adjustments, like for the desired logo, can be easily carried out by newbies. Subtle drop shadows along the fringe and the minimum rounding of the edges refer to the modern character and thus, allow "BlackOps" to take up its usage in a versatile way. Anyone appreciating a touch of drama, the trace of flamboyance and the atmospheric density of a computer game, will find a visual equivalent in this design.
  • Inspire WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Inspire ist ein Stil auschließlich für WoltLab Suite 3 erstellt. Gegenüber anderen Stilen besitzt Inspire einige Besonderheiten. So wird der Header beim Scrollen in einer verkleinerten Darstellung am Bildschirmrand fixiert.

    Darüber hinaus wird die erste Ebene des Hauptmenüs immer sichtbar unter dem Header eingeblendet. Auf Tablets werden zusätzlich Hauptmenü und Breadcrumbs angezeigt.

    Erstmalig bei unseren Stilen können sich die Miglieder entscheiden was sie im Header angezeigt haben wollen: Eine einfache Begrüßung oder eine ausführliche Statistik über erstellte Inhalte. Diese ist nun direkt mit den entsprechenden Inhalten verlinkt.

    Im Header ist ein Slider integriert der das Hintergrundbild abwechselnd in fünf verschiedenen Abschnitten anzeigt. Und natürlich ist auch Insprie in fünf verschiedenen, vorkonfigurierten Faben (Blau, Lila, Grün, Braun und Rot) erhältlich.
  • Mexana WBB 4

    Mexana - the obliquely-futuristic design for progressive and ambitious heads. The attribute "oblique" is a standard for this style, which was designed along that line. Oblique forum edges, navigation buttons, containerHeads or even the ranks within the thread view - here, a geometric shape was driven on the edge and elevated to an optical eye-catcher. The compact userpanel was inspired by a sliding beam and integrated into the logo area, and the same time equipped with a shapely weekday and time display. The element of the shifting can be also found in the footer area. Further details included are the color-contrastive contouring of relevant areas, individual icons, e.g in front of the dashboard contents, the built-in search box in the submenu or the highlighting of the date in the thread view. This design is everything, but not boring or normal, its shape in combination with the stylistic accents speaks for itself and anyone who wants to offer a clear statement with his project.
  • EasyCountdown WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The ultimate countdown extension for the actual WoltLab Suite Forum 5.x (Version 2) and also WoltLab Burning Board 4.x (Version 1)!

    Thus, topics can be provided with an expiration time - ideal for sweepstakes or other time-limited promotions!
    After the expiration time the topic can be closed (optional!) automatically.
    The countdown is displayed in the thread list as well as in the topic itself. Additionally, a subpage is at your disposal where the topics are displayed in a detailed as well as tabular view. (See link to the demo)

    The functions (WBB 5):
    • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
    • Extensive display options (separate page)
    • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
    • User notification when topics have expired
    • A few screenshots show the functionality
    • Close and open threads

    The functions (WBB 4):
    • Usergroup settings - who's allowed to place a countdown?
    • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
    • Extensive display and filtering options
    • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
    • User notification when topics have expired
    • A few screenshots show the functionality

    • Countdown to topics
    • Easy to configure
    • Great notification functions
  • EasyRating WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The "Thankomat" and the “Like” belong to yesterday, today it’s "EasyRating"!
    Three different modules concerning the aspect of evaluation.
    Three versatile modules for each platform.
    Three differentiated modules within one plugin.

    "EasyRating", that's the new ultimate voting, evaluation and review product, living by the motto: Why just one, if everything’s possible. Anyone who’s now rubbing his/her eyes and asking whether this can really be true, can be reassured: Yes, it's true. "EasyRating" represents an "all-in one" product solution that can be used for different administrators and different types of applications.

    Instead of needing to decide beforehand on one module and maybe regretting that later on, every administrator receives all three possibilities at once and can choose, depending on the usage, which module is to be used on his/her website. Whether one, two or three, everything can be used, but needn’t be.

    Accordingly, "EasyRating" will be delivered inherently on a modular base and these are the three modules:
    1. The entry module (i.e. object reviewing based on established criteria)
    2. The list module (i.e. freely preparable lists with elements to be chosen or added)
    3. The review module (i.e. object evaluation based on points and emphasizing individual items)
    In essence, all these modules focus on the function that users can apply a form of assessment. That means that later on the users can
    • Evaluate entries by third parties on the basis of defined criteria (by the person offering the entry)
    • can write reviews on e.g. products and specify on them by means of set parameters (by the person offering the review) and
    • create own lists that other people can vote on
    Therefore each of the three modules has its own task and each appeals to a certain type of user behavior.

    Find out more about the individual modules: EasyRating - Description

    Available now in version 2 for WoltLab Community Suite 3.

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