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  • EasyNotes WCF 2.1

    The ultimate extension for your WCF2/WBB4 with many additional features.
    Forgetting things was yesterday's news – EasyNotes is now.
    Forgetting things was yesterday's news – EasyNotes is now.
    You can freely lay out note-its, set notifications or share them with friends (see screenshots - rights are possible).
    Of course, there's also the integration into the editor available, in addition to the automatic reminder (with - optionally - daily/weekly repeat) - as well as individual notes can be equally pinned onto the userpanel in case of frequent use.
    The functions at a glance:
    • Integration into the userpanel
    • Notes in the note-it style (different colors, special font)
    • Sharing with other users (extensive rights are possible)
    • Comment system
    • File attachments for individual notes allowing for exchanges with your friends
    • Extensive memory function (overlay, notification, conversation, infobox)
    • Memory function with a repeat mode (daily, weekly)
    • Archive (by memory or run-time)
    • Create your own folders (including editor-integration for a quick insertion into the post!)
    • Notes and folders can be directly pinnend into the userpanel - for quick access
    • Notes can be transferred to other users (for example: distribute tasks within the team)
    • Missing language variables in the screenshots are, of course, included in the paid version.

    Info: The plugin can be also tested live in the specified showroom – a onetime registration in the forum is necessary (because it is a pure user-plugin).
    • Numerous functions
    • Easy to configure
    • Great notification functions
    • Note-it style
  • DisColor WBB 4

    DisColor - the designed chameleon extraordinaire. With this style you hand over the brush to your members and let them determine what color and which pattern it should be. The integrated color and pattern switcher within the header makes it possible to use a controller function in order to easily pull it to the left or right. The individual choice also encroaches directly on the containerHeads, while the content is marked by a gentle gradient, which is also reflected in the thread view. The navigation buttons in the form of oval tabs keep their shape in the initial state, but appear outlined throughout the active hoover as if by magic. The analog effect, but mirrored, can be observed in the userpanel, which appears almost floating because of its semitransparency. The motif of the mirror was additionally attached within the containerHeads, where the two panels - mainpanel and subpanel- reflect each other color-contrastively. With this design each member of the forum becomes a designer and each forum becomes a multimedia visual showstage.
  • Diese Lizenz erlaubt das Entfernen eines Brandings in einem kostenlosen Produkt und gilt für eine Installation.

    Für jedes kostenlose Produkt und pro Installation ist eine eigenen Lizenz notwendig.

    Alle weiteren Lizenzbedingungen, aus genommen der Punkt "Branding bzw. Copyright", bleiben auch weiterhin gültig.

    Mit dieser Lizenz erwerben Sie lediglich das Recht ein Branding zu entfernen.
  • MagiX WBB 4

    MagiX - the magical design that turns an impossibilty into a possibility. The leitmotif of individuality accompanies this extraordinary style with every movement. Instead of making a strict visual specification, users can set their respective favorite color with the built-in style changer tab. Via an icon mode it's also possible to use a day and night mode, so that the forum shines in new splendor depending on the time of day. The multifunctional userpanel includes the search panel in addition to the language selection tab, so you don't have to jump back and forth or search during staying in the forum. By CSS effects the header draws effectively attention while a slight lightbox effect swirls upon the navigation bar and the containerHeads appear to be vivid due to a subtle drop shadow. The navigation drop-down menu, the oval page rounding and intertwined color fields within the thread view - with this design individual configuration options go hand an hand with modern and at the same time creative designing art. The impossible becomes possible, if you dare.
  • Bromida WBB 4

    Bromida - the universal community favorite for each project. The transparent background allows for inserting individual graphics, thus incorporating each forum's distinctive flair. The transparency aspect as part of the userpanel causing it to appear discreet without distracting from the content area. This discreetness in turn was retained for the mainMenu, whose elegant lightbox effect only accompanies throughout the active hoover, but doesn't dominate. The classic forum structure is perfectly suited for all those communities that want to place value on class, but don't want to look old-fashioned. One discovers the modern elements e.g. in the category colors, active backgrounds as well as the active menu entries, which reflect the color depending on the chosen background. The transparent outline of the forum seems to turn the design, including the background image, into a liquidlly 3D-state, thus no impenetrable mass is presented to the viewer. Classic interpreted in a modern way - anyone who shares this device will find its graphical image in this style.

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