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  • Wir setzen Ihre Vorlage zu einem fertigen Stil für WoltLab Suite 3 um. Vorlagen können zum Beispiel sein:

    • Stile von Burning Board 3 und 4
    • Stile und Themes anderer Forensysteme
    • Stile und Themes von Content-Management-Systemen wie Wordpress usw.
    • Grafische Vorlagen (Bildschirmfotos, Photoshoplayouts usw.).

    Da jeder Auftrag individuell nach Aufwand bewertet wird, ist hier eine Absprache vor Auftragsbeginn zwingend erforderlich. Sollten Sie an einer Umsetzung interessiert sein, dann schreiben Sie uns eine eMail ( mit Ihren Vorstellungen und Anschauungsmaterial (Screenshots usw.).

    Wir erstellen keine individuellen Designs, wir setzen fertige Vorlagen zu einer installationsfähigen für WoltLab Suite 3 Stildatei um.
  • MagiX WBB 4

    MagiX - the magical design that turns an impossibilty into a possibility. The leitmotif of individuality accompanies this extraordinary style with every movement. Instead of making a strict visual specification, users can set their respective favorite color with the built-in style changer tab. Via an icon mode it's also possible to use a day and night mode, so that the forum shines in new splendor depending on the time of day. The multifunctional userpanel includes the search panel in addition to the language selection tab, so you don't have to jump back and forth or search during staying in the forum. By CSS effects the header draws effectively attention while a slight lightbox effect swirls upon the navigation bar and the containerHeads appear to be vivid due to a subtle drop shadow. The navigation drop-down menu, the oval page rounding and intertwined color fields within the thread view - with this design individual configuration options go hand an hand with modern and at the same time creative designing art. The impossible becomes possible, if you dare.
  • Woodway WBB 4

    Woodway- the extravagant design, which forms an eye catcher out of any forum. This style impresses with its sidebar navigation along a subtly angled highlighter-look, including built-in icons. The paneled-looking wooden background draws its attention harmoniously by means of the leitmotif of unobtrusive running lines around the border and individual structural elements (log -in panel). The contrastive poles used are on the one hand the containerHeads with their variable color, on the other hand the hint of speech bubbles within the threads view. The filigree used breadcrumbs and the integrated userpanel in a button texture underscore the notion of the design – the focus is here on both on the large and small scale. The deliberately set rounding and the minimalistic-kept forum area act as a tableau for the overt and inherent highlights. In addition to that, the size of the design is automatically scaled so that it always fits and is considered to be optional. Why to have only class, if it can be also exceptional class?
  • Bromida WBB 4

    Bromida - the universal community favorite for each project. The transparent background allows for inserting individual graphics, thus incorporating each forum's distinctive flair. The transparency aspect as part of the userpanel causing it to appear discreet without distracting from the content area. This discreetness in turn was retained for the mainMenu, whose elegant lightbox effect only accompanies throughout the active hoover, but doesn't dominate. The classic forum structure is perfectly suited for all those communities that want to place value on class, but don't want to look old-fashioned. One discovers the modern elements e.g. in the category colors, active backgrounds as well as the active menu entries, which reflect the color depending on the chosen background. The transparent outline of the forum seems to turn the design, including the background image, into a liquidlly 3D-state, thus no impenetrable mass is presented to the viewer. Classic interpreted in a modern way - anyone who shares this device will find its graphical image in this style.
  • ClearTiles WBB 4

    ClearTiles - the next design generation to follow the metro look. The transparent background surfaces allow for an optimal adaptation to any theme (to be enabled/disabled in the style editor) and the already built-in color-changer in the header lets the user freely choose his/her favorite color. The entire header area impresses with its built-in date/time panel, combining transparent and semitransparent surfaces as well as the userpanel, which receives subtly but visually effective its centered position and also manages to do without a drop-down mechanism. The novel forum icons turn to an eye-catcher, while the icons used to open/close the forums were also framed and designed in a semitransparent way, thus looking more subtle. For the mouseover on the mainMenu, you can find again the tile motif and the style's width can be adjusted individually. Anyone who liked the metro look, but shies away from large tiles on eye level, will enjoy this design. Clear forms, visually impressive and with a high recognition value, what more do you want?

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