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Random Products
  • PostMarker WBB 4

    PostMarker (Übersetzung)
    With the PostMarker, highlighting important contributions is a piece of cake!
    • Mark positive posts (helpful)
    • Arrange positive posts in a topic at the front (can be seen quickly)
    • Mark negative posts
    • Minimize negative posts (readable only when operated manually)
    • Order of positive posts sortable (by value?)
    • Note in the footer area (including reasons) in the footer of the contribution
    • Display in the thread list, whether there are positive responses
    • Automatic topic closing up on reaching the maximum positive replies (optional)
    • Activity points for positive answers
    • Notification to the author of the post, if a post by him has been marked
    • Extra button in the footer to the first positive contribution
    • Usergroup setting
    • ACL permissions
    • Moderation (regardless of the thread author)

    • Many functions
    • Easy to configure
    • Customer management
    • Notification
  • Nexus WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Nexus - the artistically intelligent form of interlocking. The exchangeable background images form a liaison with the contrasting colors of the main content in this style. The navigation in a tab look comprises a slight lightbox effect, including a color change in the active hoover, and a drop-down mechanism, moreover the special highlight lies in the fixed menu, remaining visible in the course of scrolling. The equally outstanding userpanel locates the language change panel and the search panel, resembling a pinned card of the member when being logged in. Additionally the framed text box within the threads attracts attention, while on closer inspection also the different nuances of transparency can be detected. The narrow footer is reminiscent of the footer of websites, thus detached from the known community character. Different aspects come together in this design, not repelling each other, but mirroring themselves and lending each other their impressive form. Opposites attract, not just literally.
  • Spectrum WBB 4

    Spectrum - the fluidal design whose transparent range catapults the concept of transparency to a new level. The suffusing character of the style already shines through within the header panel, which appears to literally float by means of the distinctive separation of the userpanel and content area. The fixed navigation draws attention with its integrated lightbox and it scrolls automatically with every movement. The subordinated position of the userpanel appears almost like 3D and that is emphasized by the fluorescent drop shadow along the entire border. The large-scale intermediate area allows for room for a logo, a slogan or even advertising and the transparency does always shimmer through the design background. The color change for the active hoover highlights the color spectrum of the style and the already supplied variable background series gets seamlessly in line under the motto of the spherical distance. Here, the transparent design isn't a bourgeois nightmare, but clearly a forum's dream.
  • DisColor WBB 4

    DisColor - the designed chameleon extraordinaire. With this style you hand over the brush to your members and let them determine what color and which pattern it should be. The integrated color and pattern switcher within the header makes it possible to use a controller function in order to easily pull it to the left or right. The individual choice also encroaches directly on the containerHeads, while the content is marked by a gentle gradient, which is also reflected in the thread view. The navigation buttons in the form of oval tabs keep their shape in the initial state, but appear outlined throughout the active hoover as if by magic. The analog effect, but mirrored, can be observed in the userpanel, which appears almost floating because of its semitransparency. The motif of the mirror was additionally attached within the containerHeads, where the two panels - mainpanel and subpanel- reflect each other color-contrastively. With this design each member of the forum becomes a designer and each forum becomes a multimedia visual showstage.
  • Woodway WBB 4

    Woodway- the extravagant design, which forms an eye catcher out of any forum. This style impresses with its sidebar navigation along a subtly angled highlighter-look, including built-in icons. The paneled-looking wooden background draws its attention harmoniously by means of the leitmotif of unobtrusive running lines around the border and individual structural elements (log -in panel). The contrastive poles used are on the one hand the containerHeads with their variable color, on the other hand the hint of speech bubbles within the threads view. The filigree used breadcrumbs and the integrated userpanel in a button texture underscore the notion of the design – the focus is here on both on the large and small scale. The deliberately set rounding and the minimalistic-kept forum area act as a tableau for the overt and inherent highlights. In addition to that, the size of the design is automatically scaled so that it always fits and is considered to be optional. Why to have only class, if it can be also exceptional class?

Recent Activities

  • norse -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board 4.0 on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Das Angebot lohnt sich allenfalls dann, wenn man ausdrücklich genau die erstandene Version betreiben möchte. Ein Update von dieser Version auf die aktuelle (WBB 5.1) würde mit 69,99 € zu Buche schlagen, was dann in der Summe den Kaufpreis für eine…
  • Perikles -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board - Platinum Lizenz - unbeschränkte Updates on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Schließe mich der Suche an und biete realistische 350€..;)
  • cbs1980 -

    Has replied to Rising Darknesss' marketplace item ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    bei flormarkt hattest du 20 euro bekommen aber nicht bei mir es ist verkauft
  • cbs1980 -

    Has added a comment to ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    nicht bei mir und ich habe es verkauft für 250 euro
  • SpawnCube -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board 4.0 on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Angebot korrekt angepasst, damit es keine Missverständnisse gibt.
  • SpawnCube -

    Has added a comment to Woltlab Burning Board 4.0 on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Runter auf 20 EUR
  • vuaphelieu -

    Wrote a comment on vuaphelieu’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    thu mua phe lieu gia cao tai khu vuc binh duong va tphcm
  • Rising Darkness -

    Has replied to Rising Darknesss' marketplace item ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Ich habe das mal für meine Bedürfnisse (Gimmicks, DSGVO Zusätze, etc.) persönlich nachgerechnet inkl. forum auf aktuelle Version.
    Ich komme mit Lizenzen und drumherum auf knappe 196,06€ für eine erste investionen. Dazu kommt natürlich noch der kauf…
  • Rising Darkness -

    Has added a comment to ​Verkaufe mein Projekt Forum on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    ich biete ebenso 20€ für das Projekt an. Wie Grischabock halte ich 150 Euro ein ein wenig für happig. Eine veraltete Software (Version 4.0).
    Wird die Lizenz übertragen, oder übergibst du den Account. bei ersterem würde ich einen Teil der…
  • bhavinidatta -

    Now follows Highprofileagency.



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