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Random Products
  • Classic WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Classic - the classical design with a touch of "Upperclass". In order to provide a project with an elegant and at the same time classic complexion, the combination of these two claims was therefore made for this style. A traditionally held composition is created by means of the lavish background patterns and refined header pattern with an integrated color gradient, which brings back memories of exclusive leather interiors. The main menu exhibits a color change throughout the active hoover and is accompanied discreetly and modernly in the process of marking by a triangular icon. You can detect again within the thread view graphical textures and the sign-in /register panel was added to the language choice, all together to be placed en block to the right hand side of the header. An elegant eye-catcher that doesn't distract from the forum itself. The triangular heldtop of the breadcrumbs and the distinctive footer are once more a reference on the elegant and stylish character of the design. Its timeless and yet classical value shows how to successfully represent confidently stylishness 2.0.
  • EasyLink WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    EasyLink - the ultimate link list for WoltLab Community Framework 2 and 2.1!

    Available now in version 3 for WoltLab Community Suite 3.

    Presentation (with Previews):…2-the-ultimate-link-list/

    A link database that leaves nothing to be desired!
    Also ideal as a guide due to contact details and map search.
    The main facts briefly enumerated:
    • It is an own application (so it runs without a forum)
    • Like system is integrated
    • Integrated notification system
    • Comment function is integrated
    • Moderation system (incl. activation of entries) is integrated
    • Integrated map view
    • Map search
    • Route-Function (v2)
    • Individual option fields (v2)
    • Multilingual support for items (v2)
    • History-Function (v2)
    • Move items to other users (v2)
    • Additional contact fields
    • Entries can be assigned to multiple categories
    • "Pin on" function
    • New entries/comments listing
    • Subscriptions, new/update marking for entries in case of New, Update or New Comments, several sidebar boxes, integration into the recent activity, search system,...

    • Variable width
    • Easy to configure
    • Many functions
    • Map search
    • Archive

    EasyLink uses Google services for the map search function.
  • Wir setzen Ihre Vorlage zu einem fertigen Stil für WoltLab Suite 3 um. Vorlagen können zum Beispiel sein:

    • Stile von Burning Board 3 und 4
    • Stile und Themes anderer Forensysteme
    • Stile und Themes von Content-Management-Systemen wie Wordpress usw.
    • Grafische Vorlagen (Bildschirmfotos, Photoshoplayouts usw.).

    Da jeder Auftrag individuell nach Aufwand bewertet wird, ist hier eine Absprache vor Auftragsbeginn zwingend erforderlich. Sollten Sie an einer Umsetzung interessiert sein, dann schreiben Sie uns eine eMail ( mit Ihren Vorstellungen und Anschauungsmaterial (Screenshots usw.).

    Wir erstellen keine individuellen Designs, wir setzen fertige Vorlagen zu einer installationsfähigen für WoltLab Suite 3 Stildatei um.
  • DisColor WBB 4

    DisColor - the designed chameleon extraordinaire. With this style you hand over the brush to your members and let them determine what color and which pattern it should be. The integrated color and pattern switcher within the header makes it possible to use a controller function in order to easily pull it to the left or right. The individual choice also encroaches directly on the containerHeads, while the content is marked by a gentle gradient, which is also reflected in the thread view. The navigation buttons in the form of oval tabs keep their shape in the initial state, but appear outlined throughout the active hoover as if by magic. The analog effect, but mirrored, can be observed in the userpanel, which appears almost floating because of its semitransparency. The motif of the mirror was additionally attached within the containerHeads, where the two panels - mainpanel and subpanel- reflect each other color-contrastively. With this design each member of the forum becomes a designer and each forum becomes a multimedia visual showstage.
  • EasyRating WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The "Thankomat" and the “Like” belong to yesterday, today it’s "EasyRating"!
    Three different modules concerning the aspect of evaluation.
    Three versatile modules for each platform.
    Three differentiated modules within one plugin.

    "EasyRating", that's the new ultimate voting, evaluation and review product, living by the motto: Why just one, if everything’s possible. Anyone who’s now rubbing his/her eyes and asking whether this can really be true, can be reassured: Yes, it's true. "EasyRating" represents an "all-in one" product solution that can be used for different administrators and different types of applications.

    Instead of needing to decide beforehand on one module and maybe regretting that later on, every administrator receives all three possibilities at once and can choose, depending on the usage, which module is to be used on his/her website. Whether one, two or three, everything can be used, but needn’t be.

    Accordingly, "EasyRating" will be delivered inherently on a modular base and these are the three modules:
    1. The entry module (i.e. object reviewing based on established criteria)
    2. The list module (i.e. freely preparable lists with elements to be chosen or added)
    3. The review module (i.e. object evaluation based on points and emphasizing individual items)
    In essence, all these modules focus on the function that users can apply a form of assessment. That means that later on the users can
    • Evaluate entries by third parties on the basis of defined criteria (by the person offering the entry)
    • can write reviews on e.g. products and specify on them by means of set parameters (by the person offering the review) and
    • create own lists that other people can vote on
    Therefore each of the three modules has its own task and each appeals to a certain type of user behavior.

    Find out more about the individual modules: EasyRating - Description

    Available now in version 2 for WoltLab Community Suite 3.

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