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Random Products
  • DashMedia WBB 4

    DashMedia - the swinging type of community fittings. A distinctively curved navigation bar with a drop-down submenu in balloons optics, a color-alternating active hoover and an implied plasticity due to a subtle drop shadow - all of that already points to the versatile character of the style. Daring forms are combined here with powerful hoover effects and are at the same time equipped with a fixed mainMenu. The result: The navigation including the userpanel scrolls, figuratively speaking, with you. The header in a scratch look is deliberately casual, can be used versatilely (logo, advertising, etc.) due to the space, while the thread view appears in a modern business look and the footer seems to belong almost imperceptibly to the main content, it isn't exposed undue. The search panel was placed via slide-out mechanism in front of the userpanel, thus looking dynamically functional. The userpanel in turn impresses with icons for the control functions and a modern drop-down style. With this design you set a visual exclamation point, it combines functionality with progress, more arguments? Not necessary, one glance suffices.
  • Ambience WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Ambience - the atmospheric design whose transparency is sustainably convincing. The style aims to represent no impermeable wall but to evoke associations of light flooding, due to subtle nuanced degrees of transparency. Here, the level of the shading is individually selectable. The appearance of an almost fragile impression is supported by the complementary effects in the login box and the navigation. A shimmering vision is provided via a color change and a decent lightbox effect. In addition to the freely selectable background image, the design includes a fixed navigation, including a dropdown module, as well as a separate message module for specific notifications. Contrastive containerHead colors form an illuminating counterpoint, while one can notice a fine alternate color throughout the mouseover on the forum areas. To anyone who wants to impart its members a pleasant forum experience and emphasizes at the same time finesse and aesthetics, this design can be warmly recommended.
  • Wir erstellen für Sie individuellen Code. Dieser kann zum Beispiel sein:

    • Umsetzung von Webelementen mittels HTML und CSS (z. B. Startseiten, Header).
    • Anpassungen von unseren Erweiterungen
    • Anpassungen von Stilen

    Da jeder Auftrag individuell nach Aufwand bewertet wird, ist hier eine Absprache vor Auftragsbeginn zwingend erforderlich. Sollten Sie an einer Umsetzung interessiert sein, dann schreiben Sie uns eine eMail ( mit Ihren Vorstellungen und ggf. Anschauungsmaterial (Screenshots usw.).

    Wir erstellen keine individuellen Erweiterungen sondern ändern bzw. passen unsere Produkte an Ihre Wünsche an.
  • Diese Lizenz erlaubt das Entfernen eines Brandings in einem kostenlosen Produkt und gilt für eine Installation.

    Für jedes kostenlose Produkt und pro Installation ist eine eigenen Lizenz notwendig.

    Alle weiteren Lizenzbedingungen, aus genommen der Punkt "Branding bzw. Copyright", bleiben auch weiterhin gültig.

    Mit dieser Lizenz erwerben Sie lediglich das Recht ein Branding zu entfernen.
  • EasyLink WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    EasyLink - the ultimate link list for WoltLab Community Framework 2 and 2.1!

    Available now in version 3 for WoltLab Community Suite 3.

    Presentation (with Previews):…2-the-ultimate-link-list/

    A link database that leaves nothing to be desired!
    Also ideal as a guide due to contact details and map search.
    The main facts briefly enumerated:
    • It is an own application (so it runs without a forum)
    • Like system is integrated
    • Integrated notification system
    • Comment function is integrated
    • Moderation system (incl. activation of entries) is integrated
    • Integrated map view
    • Map search
    • Route-Function (v2)
    • Individual option fields (v2)
    • Multilingual support for items (v2)
    • History-Function (v2)
    • Move items to other users (v2)
    • Additional contact fields
    • Entries can be assigned to multiple categories
    • "Pin on" function
    • New entries/comments listing
    • Subscriptions, new/update marking for entries in case of New, Update or New Comments, several sidebar boxes, integration into the recent activity, search system,...

    • Variable width
    • Easy to configure
    • Many functions
    • Map search
    • Archive

    EasyLink uses Google services for the map search function.

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    * Last version is ready for WoltLab Suite 3.0 and 3.1

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