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Random Products
  • Spectrum WBB 4

    Spectrum - the fluidal design whose transparent range catapults the concept of transparency to a new level. The suffusing character of the style already shines through within the header panel, which appears to literally float by means of the distinctive separation of the userpanel and content area. The fixed navigation draws attention with its integrated lightbox and it scrolls automatically with every movement. The subordinated position of the userpanel appears almost like 3D and that is emphasized by the fluorescent drop shadow along the entire border. The large-scale intermediate area allows for room for a logo, a slogan or even advertising and the transparency does always shimmer through the design background. The color change for the active hoover highlights the color spectrum of the style and the already supplied variable background series gets seamlessly in line under the motto of the spherical distance. Here, the transparent design isn't a bourgeois nightmare, but clearly a forum's dream.
  • EasyMood WCF 2.1

    A status messages plugin for WCF2!
    To simply just write what moves, disturbs or pleases you. Furthermore, being able to decide whether it's visible for every user or just for friends – including a comment function.
    The functions briefly comprised:
    • EasyMood fits unobtrusively into your style. The position itself (left, right, bottom) is adjustable.
    • Via button click, a slim window is opened where next to a message (minimum/maximum character limit, depending on the usergroup) also an emoticon can be found, which can be used to symbolize the mood/opinion on the message.
    • Here it is also possible to determine whether the message should be visible publicly or only for users I'm following.
    • The saving takes place without a page-refresh - you can just continue at the current position.
    • A listing of status messages may not be missing - with a filtering by user and also change of sorting.
    • Status messages can be also displayed either in an infobox or as a dashboard-box - the number is, of course, variable settable.

    Additional features:
    • The voting (Like-system) can be activated/disabled per usergroup
    • External links can be enabled/disabled per usergroup – thus, links to external pages can be already eliminated during the creation of messages and so the abuse as an advertising plugin can be restricted.
    • There's a notification function in case of a) new comments (to the author of the status message) b) answers to your comment.
    • Marking messages, which are only visible to my follower "Friends". Even the comment system (can be globally completely disabled) can be enabled/disabled for individual messages (this can be also set
      separately for each usergroup).
    • The button can be positioned below - there's also the ticker visible, sliding through the last X messages.
    • Further status messages in the infobox.
    • View of the ticker at the bottom of the screen.
    • The display of status messages is also visible within the profile of the user.

    Info: The plugin can be also tested live in the specified showroom – a onetime registration in the forum is necessary (because it is a pure user-plugin).
    • Numerous functions
    • Easy to configure
    • Notification functions
    • Comment function
  • Easyslider WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Easyslider v3 - the new version of the popular Slider for the WoltLab Suite!

    Take over of proven functions, concentration on contents and a new layout.
    With this sentence the new version can be summarized.

    The greatest innovations at a glance:
    • Package system: a content type can be created now by your own or from other developers for their products
    • Each content type impresses with specific options
    • No more links: the content is created directly in the box or selected then in the selection of content
    • Integration into the boxes' system of WCS: no more problems with template/event positions - the integration into a WCS-box allows for easy positioning and filtering by means of pages within the box management of WCS
    • No more tormenting with different modes: now there's only the choice between compact and detailed in the box - the content adjusts automatically! Moreover, for example the size of the user avatar is also set automatically, based on the enabled viewing options
    • Full permissions: EasySlider v3 doesn't "get" the content anymore by itself, but relies on the respective classes of the related plugin
    • Caching just on demand – thus there's always current content

    The following contents can be displayed (respective license of the product provided!)
    • Member-List (also Birthdays)
    • Artikelsystem (WS3-inclusive)
    • Media (WS3-inclusive)
    • EasyLink v3
    • EasyMedia Images
    • EasyMedia Videos
    • EasyRating Reviews
    • EasyRating Entries
    • EasyRating Tables
    • WoltLab Suite Filebase
    • WoltLab Suite Gallery
    • WoltLab Suite Calendar
    • WoltLab Suite Forum
    • WoltLab Suite Blog


    The version 2 of Easyslider is still available for WCF2.1 users.
    The demo can be found here:
  • EasyAds WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    With EasyAds it's possible to place different kinds of advertising in various places.
    Both, version 1 and version 2 are suitable for WCF 2.0 and 2.1 - however, please mind the additions of the features.

    Available now in version 3 for WoltLab Community Suite 3!

    The included features are:
    • Customer management (with a view counter, with a click counter, an automatic shut-off when a certain limit is reached or after date (optional), notification (both - optional - customer and specified team members))
      • Statistics realized with FlotChart within the ACP (per customer) or frontend. [Version 2 + WCF 2.1]
      • Possibility to disable the extensive statistics. [Version 2]
    • Banner management (with a view counter, with a click counter, an automatic shut-off when a certain limit is reached or after date (optional), notification (both - optional - customer and specified team members), a wide range of functions is possible: link + path to the image, customized HTML code or alternatively flashbanner)
      • Statistics realized with FlotChart within the ACP (customer management) or frontend. [Version 2 + WCF 2.1]
    • Many predefined integration points (forum list (between categories), thread list (between the threads in the table), topic (between individual contributions); many plugins are integrated (Blog, Filebase, InfiniteFilebase, EasyLink); option: to only use a banner once per page (for example in a topic);
    • Filter: after time (from - up, daily, weekdays), groups (only guests...?), styles
      • Period (date from - to) can be limited now - perfect for sweepstakes! [Version 2]
      • Filtering based on the device (desktop, mobile) [Version 2]
    • Logbook (every customer or EasyAds moderators)
    • Additionally, page filter (global integration points like header, footer, sidebar,...) can be given, individual ObjectIDs (for example only in forum X for specific promotional circuit)
    • Many options such as AdBlocker-check, click lock [Version 2], ...
    • Code blocks can be defined per banner and globally (head area, body at the beginning and end) [Version 2]
    • InText advertising: Found terms/synonyms are automatically detected and marked when calling on the page. Of course, this function can be enabled separately for each application (forum, blog,...)! [Version 2]

    How to create an advertisement:…-EasyAds-v2-new-Features/
    Detailed description of the new features:…ds-the-first-advertising/

    • Many functions
    • Easy to configure
    • Customer management
    • Statistics/Logbook
  • MagiX WBB 4

    MagiX - the magical design that turns an impossibilty into a possibility. The leitmotif of individuality accompanies this extraordinary style with every movement. Instead of making a strict visual specification, users can set their respective favorite color with the built-in style changer tab. Via an icon mode it's also possible to use a day and night mode, so that the forum shines in new splendor depending on the time of day. The multifunctional userpanel includes the search panel in addition to the language selection tab, so you don't have to jump back and forth or search during staying in the forum. By CSS effects the header draws effectively attention while a slight lightbox effect swirls upon the navigation bar and the containerHeads appear to be vivid due to a subtle drop shadow. The navigation drop-down menu, the oval page rounding and intertwined color fields within the thread view - with this design individual configuration options go hand an hand with modern and at the same time creative designing art. The impossible becomes possible, if you dare.

Recent Activities

  • Zeno -

    Has replied to Muschelkuhs' marketplace item Designerstellung.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Ja es soll sich einfach nur an unserer Website anpassen. -
  • Muschelkuh -

    Has added a comment to Designerstellung on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Wie soll das Design denn am Ende aussehen? Schon irgendwelche Vorstellungen?
  • zlotic -

    Now follows Maxi.2k02.

  • Maxi.2k02 -

    Has replied to Oh_Neins' marketplace item Origin Account mit 18 Spiele.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Ja dort bin ich auch heute Morgen drauf gestoßen, ich hab mir das ganze durchgelesen und zwar darf ich Accounts verkaufen aber da gibt es irgendwelche Dinge wo man dabei beachten muss etc....
  • Oh_Nein -

    Has added a comment to Origin Account mit 18 Spiele on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Für alle die an diesem Angebot Interesse haben, sollten sich auf jeden Fall diesen Artikel durchlesen…glichkeiten-gibt-es_34181

    aus dem Jahr 2014 und diesen Forenbeitrag aus dem Jahr 2017:


  • Commercial Packages

    WoltLab Suite 3.1PackageserverShopProduct

    * Last version is ready for WoltLab Suite 3.0 and 3.1

    Commercial Styles

    WoltLab Suite 3.1Interimsupdate*ShopProduct

    *Use this packageserver with username and password form the forums

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    XXXLayout Expansion Kit
    ------Headercode - Outdated
    xxRanks Berry
    xxRanks Passion
    xxRanks Element
    xxRanks Canvas