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Random Products
  • EasyCountdown WCF 2.1 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    The ultimate countdown extension for the actual WoltLab Suite Forum 5.x (Version 2) and also WoltLab Burning Board 4.x (Version 1)!

    Thus, topics can be provided with an expiration time - ideal for sweepstakes or other time-limited promotions!
    After the expiration time the topic can be closed (optional!) automatically.
    The countdown is displayed in the thread list as well as in the topic itself. Additionally, a subpage is at your disposal where the topics are displayed in a detailed as well as tabular view. (See link to the demo)

    The functions (WBB 5):
    • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
    • Extensive display options (separate page)
    • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
    • User notification when topics have expired
    • A few screenshots show the functionality
    • Close and open threads

    The functions (WBB 4):
    • Usergroup settings - who's allowed to place a countdown?
    • Forum settings - specify the forums, where the countdown may be used
    • Extensive display and filtering options
    • User notification when new threads with a countdown were placed
    • User notification when topics have expired
    • A few screenshots show the functionality

    • Countdown to topics
    • Easy to configure
    • Great notification functions
  • CrossWood WBB 4

    CrossWood the rustic design in which the idea of being block-headed can be taken visually and one isn't mentally blocked. In accordance with the naming, the wooden background speaks for itself and at the same time it loosens up a too rigid form by applying a conscious horizontal position of the bar within the navigation buttons and containerHeads. Moreover, the mentioned navigation buttons were placed at an angle, adding to the style's creative character, which also finds its way into the userpanel. On the one hand the search box was integrated into this, on the other hand the dichotomy of content attracts attention (user data plus "menu" content) that can still be accentuated by the display in the dashboard. The content area is framed by a narrow bipartite contour, adding to the page a kind of second tableau, a background image within a background image. The thread view was designed reciprocally colored, allowing for a clear recognition and destinction of the posts. With this style you're on the wrong track, but it leads in the right direction because this wood testifies to a novel designing craft.
  • Player WBB 4

    Player - the playful design that playfully convinces each administrator. The contrastive element distinguishes this style and is already marked by the color. Each variable background color receives an animated "Glow" effect in the form of a contrasting color at its side, while e.g the link and footer colors can be flexibly adjusted via the style editor. The exposed navigation works through the subtle drop shadow and the subtle color changes throughout the active hoover appear almost three-dimensional, whereas the userpanel skillfully divides the header and forum area, without creating an artificial split. The highlighted footer area is striking without being remarkably distracting at the same time. The rounding of corners in combination with the visual highlights within the colored thread view refer to the modern style tenor. Anyone who places value on a simple design, but with that certain something, is here an absolute bang on target. Creative color diversity meets contemporay structure - the beginning of a visual liaison that beguiles and remains in mind.
  • Classic WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.x

    Classic - the classical design with a touch of "Upperclass". In order to provide a project with an elegant and at the same time classic complexion, the combination of these two claims was therefore made for this style. A traditionally held composition is created by means of the lavish background patterns and refined header pattern with an integrated color gradient, which brings back memories of exclusive leather interiors. The main menu exhibits a color change throughout the active hoover and is accompanied discreetly and modernly in the process of marking by a triangular icon. You can detect again within the thread view graphical textures and the sign-in /register panel was added to the language choice, all together to be placed en block to the right hand side of the header. An elegant eye-catcher that doesn't distract from the forum itself. The triangular heldtop of the breadcrumbs and the distinctive footer are once more a reference on the elegant and stylish character of the design. Its timeless and yet classical value shows how to successfully represent confidently stylishness 2.0.
  • Telegrafico WBB 4

    Telegraphico - the universal all-rounder for every forum project. Anyone who loves a stylish appearance can always rely on this design leader. The simple elegance is its trademark and it reveals itself right at the beginning in the mainMenu. This combines a square basic form but oval-shaped navigation buttons are recessed, whose "lightbox"-effect is shining throughout the mouseover. The logo placement isn't left here to chance, but located in a selected position left to the navigation. The drop-down menu within the navigation accounts for the necessary modernity, which is also represented by the straight and sleek constructing character. Colour-flexible containerHeads receive their additional expressiveness due to the linear and vertical thread view. A division of content that reinforces their function completely. The emphasized wide footer area allows for the integration of additional content but can also stand on its own, in order to appear closer to a website view. From now on style can be purchased - with this timeless dream of a design.

Recent Activities

  • Maxi.2k02 -

    Has replied to jacboys' marketplace item Domain:

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Auf dem Nitrado-Account befinden sich noch 10,45 Guthaben.
  • jacboy -

    Has added a comment to Domain: on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Was für Guthaben denn bitte?
  • NKN2016 -

    Has added a comment to Xenforo Lizenz on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
    Hi hätte eine Lizenz Anzubieten.
  • SoftCreatR -

    Has replied to SoftCreatRs' marketplace item Individuelle Theme Entwicklung.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Dann tu das bitte ;) Für einen unserer Kunden suche ich noch einen Designer für ein WSC 3.1-Design. Preis spielt dabei weniger eine Rolle, wenn das Ergebnis stimmt.
  • hendrik12 -

    Has replied to SoftCreatRs' marketplace item Individuelle Theme Entwicklung.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Hallo, gerne kann ich dir bei Interesse Referenzen zukommen lassen.
  • hendrik12 -

    Has replied to DrPinkeIsteins' marketplace item Individuelle Theme Entwicklung.

    Reply (Marketplace Item)
    Hallo, ja eine Umsätzung nach PSD Daten ist möglich.
  • Tom -

    Replied to a comment by Altoids on Tom’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Gut erkannt, ist natürlich noch das gute Burning Board 3.1 :love:
  • SoftCreatR -

    Has added a comment to Individuelle Theme Entwicklung on the marketplace.

    Comment (Marketplace Item)
  • Altoids -

    Wrote a comment on Tom’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Moin über welche Version läuft das Forum hier? Sieht mir nach damals 3.1 aus :love:


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