Telegraphico - the universal all-rounder for every forum project. Anyone who loves a stylish appearance can always rely on this design leader. The simple elegance is its trademark and it reveals itself right at the beginning in the mainMenu. This combines a square basic form but oval-shaped navigation buttons are recessed, whose "lightbox"-effect is shining throughout the mouseover. The logo placement isn't left here to chance, but located in a selected position left to the navigation.

The drop-down menu within the navigation accounts for the necessary modernity, which is also represented by the straight and sleek constructing character. Colour-flexible containerHeads receive their additional expressiveness due to the linear and vertical thread view.

A division of content that reinforces their function completely. The emphasized wide footer area allows for the integration of additional content but can also stand on its own, in order to appear closer to a website view. From now on style can be purchased - with this timeless dream of a design.

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