Navigation in a sidebar look

The navigation is on the left in a vertical form.

Animated 'glow' effect

To emphasize the color contrast, the style series has a built-in effect that appears to be glowing in certain places.

Exposed components

Based on CSS-customizations, functional elements of the style series appear to be exposed and curved.

Modified header section

It provides space for advertisements, texts etc., includes the userpanel and the highlighted navigation.

Subtle patterns

Different graphical patterns bestow the style series its elegant character.

Extravagant userpanel

This consists of a built-in drop-down menu with icons for the control functions.

5 different colors

The style series is available in 5 different colors that are all included in the basic price.

Replaceable background

The appearance of the style can be changed easily with an own background.

Customizable header height

The header can be adjusted as desired.