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Which payment methods are available?

Bank transfer (prepayment), direct banking and PayPal as forms of payment are available. For PayPal payments a processing fee of 6% of the total purchase price is charged. Bank transfer and direct banking are free of charge.

What browsers are supported by the products?

For security reasons it is advisable to always use the currently latest browser. The minimum requirements for the use of the products are:

• Internet Explorer 10+
• Firefox 24+
• Safari 6+
• Chrome 28+

Where can I download the products after the purchase?

Style packages can be downloaded after the purchase under the menu item "My account->Downloads".

Can I customize products according to own requirements?

Yes, you can change and remodel all products after the purchase, according to your own requirements. The only exceptions are visible and invisible copyright notices by cls-design. These may be only removed if a branding free option has been purchased for the product.

Are the products also available for other forum systems?

No, we only sell products for WoltLab Burning Board. However, you're allowed to customize products on other systems on your own. The license terms are to be kept in this case as well.

Can I delete the Footerlink to cls-design?

No. Except, you have purchased the branding free option for your product. Only in this case you are allowed to delete the link to cls-design.

Where do I get a logo for my style?

If you need a suitable logo to your style, please obtain the 'Extension package' to your style. Then we adjust the logo, included within the style, according to your specifications.

Is it possible to take a look at the styles in a demo forum?

On every product page there is a link to a live demo of the respective style. There, you can thoroughly test all styles. Please make use of this possibility before purchasing.

What does the extension package, which is offered for sale, include?

The extension package includes the adjustment of the style's accompanying logo to your specifications.

Do you also sponsor styles and plugins?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I return or exchange styles if I'm not satisfied?

An exchange or return is only possible if the style hasn't been downloaded yet from the customer area. Your right to return expires after the initial download. All styles can be tested in the pending state within the demo forum before purchasing. Therefore, prior to the acquisition of the style, use this possibility.

I need a modified invoice, who do I contact?

It is unfortunately impossible to change invoices after the purchase process. In that case, please cancel the order under "My account" and acquire the desired products again.

I need help to my purchased product, what do I do now?

Please visit the support forum associated with the product and open a new thread there: to the support forums... Please understand that there is no support via email or phone.

How long is the license valid?

All licenses have an unlimited duration. You can use all products as long as you want.

In how many forums can I use the purchased product?

Per purchased license you are entitled to use the product in one installation (for example forum). A separate license is required for each installation (e.g. in multiple forums).

I still have a question before purchasing.

You can use the forum "Ask before purchasing", or make a request via the contact form.