StarLight - the radiantly beautiful design for a dazzling debut of the forum. The elongated star graphics allow for the association of a brilliant-cut diamond, whose charisma pervades the entire page and also the menu bars. According to the flawlessness, the principle of the analog structurality has been applied within this style. All, mainMenu, userpanel, category bars, tab menues and subtab-menues were placed on one level, so that each element takes its place in a clear way in this design firmament.

This causes the tab elements to appear slightly exposed and to be moved closer to a 3D view. More optical eye-catchers are the drop-down menu for the userpanel and the color-differentiated header and footer area. Their slightly changing diamond pattern and the tail pattern in the header create the impression of a spatial separation - Heaven and Earth.

This design sparkles and reveals its elegant character through the integrated stylistic details. A radiant glow that lets viewers' eyes shine - why should it be less for a forum?

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