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Easyslider v3 - the new version of the popular Slider for the WoltLab Suite!

Take over of proven functions, concentration on contents and a new layout. With this sentence the new version can be summarized.

The greatest innovations at a glance:

  • Package system: a content type can be created now by your own or from other developers for their products
  • Each content type impresses with specific options
  • No more links: the content is created directly in the box or selected then in the selection of content
  • Integration into the boxes' system of WCS: no more problems with template/event positions - the integration into a WCS-box allows for easy positioning and filtering by means of pages within the box management of WCS
  • No more tormenting with different modes: now there's only the choice between compact and detailed in the box - the content adjusts automatically! Moreover, for example the size of the user avatar is also set automatically, based on the enabled viewing options
  • Full permissions: EasySlider v3 doesn't "get" the content anymore by itself, but relies on the respective classes of the related plugin
  • Caching just on demand – thus there's always current content

The following contents can be displayed (respective license of the product provided!)

  • Member-List (also Birthdays)
  • Artikelsystem (WS3-inclusive)
  • Media (WS3-inclusive)
  • EasyLink v3
  • EasyMedia Images
  • EasyMedia Videos
  • EasyRating Reviews
  • EasyRating Entries
  • EasyRating Tables
  • WoltLab Suite Filebase
  • WoltLab Suite Gallery
  • WoltLab Suite Calendar
  • WoltLab Suite Forum
  • WoltLab Suite Blog


The version 2 of Easyslider is still available for WCF2.1 users.

The demo can be found here: https://www.dev87.info/showroom/wcf2/forum/[shopnavigation]

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