MagiX - the magical design that turns an impossibilty into a possibility. The leitmotif of individuality accompanies this extraordinary style with every movement. Instead of making a strict visual specification, users can set their respective favorite color with the built-in style changer tab.

Via an icon mode it's also possible to use a day and night mode, so that the forum shines in new splendor depending on the time of day. The multifunctional userpanel includes the search panel in addition to the language selection tab, so you don't have to jump back and forth or search during staying in the forum. By CSS effects the header draws effectively attention while a slight lightbox effect swirls upon the navigation bar and the containerHeads appear to be vivid due to a subtle drop shadow.

The navigation drop-down menu, the oval page rounding and intertwined color fields within the thread view - with this design individual configuration options go hand an hand with modern and at the same time creative designing art. The impossible becomes possible, if you dare.

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Published Versions

  • MagiX 2.1.0 (Mar 1st 2015)
  • MagiX 2.0.3 (Sep 13th 2014)
  • MagiX 2.0.2 (Jan 12th 2014)
  • MagiX 2.0.1 (Jan 5th 2014)
  • MagiX 2.0.1 (Jan 4th 2014)
  • MagiX 2.0.0 (Dec 29th 2013)
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