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Player - the playful design that playfully convinces each administrator. The contrastive element distinguishes this style and is already marked by the color. Each variable background color receives an animated "Glow" effect in the form of a contrasting color at its side, while e.g the link and footer colors can be flexibly adjusted via the style editor. The exposed navigation works through the subtle drop shadow and the subtle color changes throughout the active hoover appear almost three-dimensional, whereas the userpanel skillfully divides the header and forum area, without creating an artificial split. The highlighted footer area is striking without being remarkably distracting at the same time. The rounding of corners in combination with the visual highlights within the colored thread view refer to the modern style tenor. Anyone who places value on a simple design, but with that certain something, is here an absolute bang on target. Creative color diversity meets contemporay structure - the beginning of a visual liaison that beguiles and remains in mind.


Animated 'glow' effect

To emphasize the color contrast, the style series has a built-in effect that appears to be glowing in certain places.

Customizable header height

The header can be adjusted as desired.

Adaptation to mobile devices

All of our styles are adapted to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


  • Update access 9.90 EUR
  • Installation Service 14.90 EUR
  • Branding Free Licence 24.90 EUR
  • Expansion Package 9.90 EUR

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