DisColor - the designed chameleon extraordinaire. With this style you hand over the brush to your members and let them determine what color and which pattern it should be. The integrated color and pattern switcher within the header makes it possible to use a controller function in order to easily pull it to the left or right.

The individual choice also encroaches directly on the containerHeads, while the content is marked by a gentle gradient, which is also reflected in the thread view. The navigation buttons in the form of oval tabs keep their shape in the initial state, but appear outlined throughout the active hoover as if by magic. The analog effect, but mirrored, can be observed in the userpanel, which appears almost floating because of its semitransparency.

The motif of the mirror was additionally attached within the containerHeads, where the two panels - mainpanel and subpanel- reflect each other color-contrastively. With this design each member of the forum becomes a designer and each forum becomes a multimedia visual showstage.

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