PostMarker (Übersetzung)
With the PostMarker, highlighting important contributions is a piece of cake!

  • Mark positive posts (helpful)
  • Arrange positive posts in a topic at the front (can be seen quickly)
  • Mark negative posts
  • Minimize negative posts (readable only when operated manually)
  • Order of positive posts sortable (by value?)
  • Note in the footer area (including reasons) in the footer of the contribution
  • Display in the thread list, whether there are positive responses
  • Automatic topic closing up on reaching the maximum positive replies (optional)
  • Activity points for positive answers
  • Notification to the author of the post, if a post by him has been marked
  • Extra button in the footer to the first positive contribution
  • Usergroup setting
  • ACL permissions
  • Moderation (regardless of the thread author)


  • Many functions
  • Easy to configure
  • Customer management
  • Notification

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