WCF 2.1 / WS 3.0 / 3.1 / 5.2 / 5.3

The popular poll extension is now also available for the WoltLab Suite!

The additional functions summarized

  • List of all polls
  • List of recommended, new, subscribed, and completed polls
  • Inclusion of polls into categories
  • Polls recommend and subscribe
  • Allow voting for guests
  • Edit / delete polls in the ACP
  • Combine individual options of a poll (ACP)
  • Check and remove votes cast (ACP)
  • Notification for voting to a subscribed poll
  • Notification when a subscribed poll has expired
  • Notification when editing a subscribed poll
  • "Result only visible after expiration": Participants are visible, but the corresponding voice only after the end of the poll
  • Automatically quit poll after x participants
  • Your own answer possibilities (not for guests)
  • Display the remaining runtime or "expired" in the list of polls
  • Different colors of the bars (depending on the voices - Optional)
  • Last polls as a box

This first functional summary shows that EasyPoll is no longer a pure poll, which is integrated as a sub-summed part within a forum. Rather, the plugin provides the fundamentally optional diversity of how to integrate surveys as part of a platform qualitatively, quantitatively and positionally. As a forum operator, you can integrate regular surveys in a targeted manner in a tax-free manner.

For the user and/or the forum member, the plugin gives you a lot of possibilities because it is not an invigorating search now, where a certain poll, whether it is still current or already passé. By means of observation and notifications one can always see quickly, if one already voted from, where one would still vote / could, which surveys it generally gives uvm.

No matter what poll it is, both the creator and the participant can create a real individual poll using the generous configuration menu, or enter a separate response with a specific tab field.

If you ask, you will get an answer and that is: EasyPoll gives you every answer and even more!

EasyPoll v2 is a new development. This way, well-known functions of the first version (WCF 2.1) can be removed and new functions can be added!

The highlighted features are only available in version 2.


  • Many advanced features
  • Easy to configure
  • Great notification functions

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