WCF 2.1

The ultimate extension for your WCF2/WBB4 with many additional features.
Forgetting things was yesterday's news – EasyNotes is now.
Forgetting things was yesterday's news – EasyNotes is now.
You can freely lay out note-its, set notifications or share them with friends (see screenshots - rights are possible).
Of course, there's also the integration into the editor available, in addition to the automatic reminder (with - optionally - daily/weekly repeat) - as well as individual notes can be equally pinned onto the userpanel in case of frequent use.
The functions at a glance:

  • Integration into the userpanel
  • Notes in the note-it style (different colors, special font)
  • Sharing with other users (extensive rights are possible)
  • Comment system
  • File attachments for individual notes allowing for exchanges with your friends
  • Extensive memory function (overlay, notification, conversation, infobox)
  • Memory function with a repeat mode (daily, weekly)
  • Archive (by memory or run-time)
  • Create your own folders (including editor-integration for a quick insertion into the post!)
  • Notes and folders can be directly pinnend into the userpanel - for quick access
  • Notes can be transferred to other users (for example: distribute tasks within the team)
  • Missing language variables in the screenshots are, of course, included in the paid version.

Info: The plugin can be also tested live in the specified showroom – a onetime registration in the forum is necessary (because it is a pure user-plugin).

  • Numerous functions
  • Easy to configure
  • Great notification functions
  • Note-it style

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