WCF 2.1

A status messages plugin for WCF2!
To simply just write what moves, disturbs or pleases you. Furthermore, being able to decide whether it's visible for every user or just for friends – including a comment function.
The functions briefly comprised:

  • EasyMood fits unobtrusively into your style. The position itself (left, right, bottom) is adjustable.
  • Via button click, a slim window is opened where next to a message (minimum/maximum character limit, depending on the usergroup) also an emoticon can be found, which can be used to symbolize the mood/opinion on the message.
  • Here it is also possible to determine whether the message should be visible publicly or only for users I'm following.
  • The saving takes place without a page-refresh - you can just continue at the current position.
  • A listing of status messages may not be missing - with a filtering by user and also change of sorting.
  • Status messages can be also displayed either in an infobox or as a dashboard-box - the number is, of course, variable settable.

Additional features:

  • The voting (Like-system) can be activated/disabled per usergroup
  • External links can be enabled/disabled per usergroup – thus, links to external pages can be already eliminated during the creation of messages and so the abuse as an advertising plugin can be restricted.
  • There's a notification function in case of a) new comments (to the author of the status message) b) answers to your comment.
  • Marking messages, which are only visible to my follower "Friends". Even the comment system (can be globally completely disabled) can be enabled/disabled for individual messages (this can be also set
    separately for each usergroup).
  • The button can be positioned below - there's also the ticker visible, sliding through the last X messages.
  • Further status messages in the infobox.
  • View of the ticker at the bottom of the screen.
  • The display of status messages is also visible within the profile of the user.

Info: The plugin can be also tested live in the specified showroom – a onetime registration in the forum is necessary (because it is a pure user-plugin).

  • Numerous functions
  • Easy to configure
  • Notification functions
  • Comment function

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