Spiralus WBB 4

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Spiralus - the funky innovative design that turns each project into a visual magnet. Simply all different, that is the motto of this style in which the familiar post-it notes were the force behind. Navigation, userpanel, search panel or footer content, the sticky notes stick here visually and formally. The forum area as a ring binder provides the optimum setting for the compulsory pin-graphics, ink stains in the header and the wooden background that reminds one of a study or school desk. The different colors are saturated to not appear jarring, but they don't miss their recognition anyway. In the mainMenu you can discover an animation while using an active hoover, causing the design to appear dynamic. The containerHeads were graphically drawn in accordance with a highlighter, the dashboard view interprets the sticky notes in the form of inserted notes and the thread view is reminiscent of a pasted important note. With this design each desktop chaos has an end and it provides a site with its irinimitable note.


1 colour variant

The style is available in one color variant that is included in the basic price

Versatile color range

The style includes different colors that appear differently, depending on the area (navigation, userpanel, dashboard,...).

Notepad optics

The background as well as the navigation and buttons form different variations of post-it notes or a block.

Modified header section

It provides space for advertisements, texts etc., includes the userpanel and the highlighted navigation.

Adaptation to mobile devices

All of our styles are adapted to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


  • Installation Service 14.90 EUR
  • Branding Free Licence 24.90 EUR
  • Expansion Package 9.90 EUR

Published Versions

  • Spiralus 2.1.1 (Mar 6th 2015)
  • Spiralus 2.1.0 (Mar 1st 2015)
  • Spiralus 1.0.2 (Aug 22nd 2014)
  • Spiralus 1.0.1 (Jul 28th 2014)
  • Spiralus 1.0.0 (Jul 9th 2014)

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