Mexana - the obliquely-futuristic design for progressive and ambitious heads. The attribute "oblique" is a standard for this style, which was designed along that line. Oblique forum edges, navigation buttons, containerHeads or even the ranks within the thread view - here, a geometric shape was driven on the edge and elevated to an optical eye-catcher.

The compact userpanel was inspired by a sliding beam and integrated into the logo area, and the same time equipped with a shapely weekday and time display. The element of the shifting can be also found in the footer area. Further details included are the color-contrastive contouring of relevant areas, individual icons, e.g in front of the dashboard contents, the built-in search box in the submenu or the highlighting of the date in the thread view.

This design is everything, but not boring or normal, its shape in combination with the stylistic accents speaks for itself and anyone who wants to offer a clear statement with his project.

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Published Versions

  • Mexana 2.1.0 (Mar 1st 2015)
  • Mexana 2.0.3 (Sep 19th 2014)
  • Mexana 2.0.2 (Aug 26th 2014)
  • Mexana 2.0.1 (Aug 22nd 2014)
  • Mexana 2.0.0 (Aug 20th 2014)
  • Mexana 1.0.0 (Aug 17th 2014)
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