ClearTiles - the next design generation to follow the metro look. The transparent background surfaces allow for an optimal adaptation to any theme (to be enabled/disabled in the style editor) and the already built-in color-changer in the header lets the user freely choose his/her favorite color.

The entire header area impresses with its built-in date/time panel, combining transparent and semitransparent surfaces as well as the userpanel, which receives subtly but visually effective its centered position and also manages to do without a drop-down mechanism. The novel forum icons turn to an eye-catcher, while the icons used to open/close the forums were also framed and designed in a semitransparent way, thus looking more subtle. For the mouseover on the mainMenu, you can find again the tile motif and the style's width can be adjusted individually.

Anyone who liked the metro look, but shies away from large tiles on eye level, will enjoy this design. Clear forms, visually impressive and with a high recognition value, what more do you want?


Price including 19% sales tax