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The "Thankomat" and the “Like” belong to yesterday, today it’s "EasyRating"!
Three different modules concerning the aspect of evaluation.
Three versatile modules for each platform.
Three differentiated modules within one plugin.

"EasyRating", that's the new ultimate voting, evaluation and review product, living by the motto: Why just one, if everything’s possible. Anyone who’s now rubbing his/her eyes and asking whether this can really be true, can be reassured: Yes, it's true. "EasyRating" represents an "all-in one" product solution that can be used for different administrators and different types of applications.

Instead of needing to decide beforehand on one module and maybe regretting that later on, every administrator receives all three possibilities at once and can choose, depending on the usage, which module is to be used on his/her website. Whether one, two or three, everything can be used, but needn’t be.

Accordingly, "EasyRating" will be delivered inherently on a modular base and these are the three modules:

  • The entry module (i.e. object reviewing based on established criteria)
  • The list module (i.e. freely preparable lists with elements to be chosen or added)
  • The review module (i.e. object evaluation based on points and emphasizing individual items)

In essence, all these modules focus on the function that users can apply a form of assessment. That means that later on the users can

  • Evaluate entries by third parties on the basis of defined criteria (by the person offering the entry)
  • can write reviews on e.g. products and specify on them by means of set parameters (by the person offering the review) and
  • create own lists that other people can vote on

Therefore each of the three modules has its own task and each appeals to a certain type of user behavior.

Find out more about the individual modules: EasyRating - Description

Available now in version 2 for WoltLab Community Suite 3.

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