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Sideway - the modern way of designing to appear classically. The marbled-looking background serves as a discreet and at the same time refined projection surface, which caresses the color-contrasting header and footer area. Wide, solid frames, textures and hatching lines allow for the notion of a tasteful stationery style. The color nuances throughout the mouseover within the navigation charmingly underline the functional character of the content, while the distinct userpanel above doesn't distract. The angular orientation of the style can be found at all levels (forum, containerHeads and thread view) in order to prompt associations regarding a classical design, but these are specifically sallied in terms of graphical subleties, so the style is transfered into the 21st century. Anyone who considers classical designs as being too simple and antiquated, can purchase stylish classicism with this design that is committed to the modern community culture. Classics don't become extinct,they only gain on style.


Navigation in a sidebar look

The navigation is on the left in a vertical form.

Subtle patterns

Different graphical patterns bestow the style series its elegant character.

Adaptation to mobile devices

All of our styles are adapted to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


  • Update access 9.90 EUR
  • Installation Service 14.90 EUR
  • Branding Free Licence 24.90 EUR
  • Expansion Package 9.90 EUR

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