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    Hi and welcome to the second tour around cls-design's shop!

    Our first tour was based on the central question of how to understand and use the shop. In case you missed out on that, check it out here: How to...understand and stroll around our shop

    You probably know the proverb stating that you can't have everything, but in fact you can, at least with us. Assuming that this is your first or second visit here, you might be unsure about how to decide on the best product/s for your project. Due to

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    As the styles now exist for several software generations, the following short guide will explain how you can find the right style for your forum:

    Style version 1.x

    This style version has been created exclusively for Burning Board 3.1. This version is also not running in Burning Board Lite 2.

    Style version 2.0.x

    This style version has been prepared for Burning Board 4.0. The installation in Burning Board 4.1 is possible but not recommended because it can cause errors, if the style is supplied

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