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  • SmartBox – BBCode

    12 Apr 2015

    The SmartBox BBcode is a further developement of the popular box BBCodes by cls-design. This further development was necessary as the old BBcode did no longer meet our demands. Moreover, we'd like use again the multiple BBcodes with this new development, which wasn't possible in WBB4. In the following we'll show you all the functions in an overview and will also always refer to changes to its predecessor.
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    With the new development something fundamental has changed in the BBcode, namely
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  • SmartCallout – BBCode

    04 Apr 2015

    SmartCallout – BBCode

    With the SmartCallout BBCode everyone can easily highlight certain passages within his/her text. By highlighting passages, the author can indicate either certain things or compile again briefly and concisely all the important information.

    The SmartCallout BBCode is structured the way that one needs at least one color (hexCode). By using the color, you can assign a color to the border on the left or right hand side and thus, you'll receive a slightly wider border on the… [Read More]