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    Hi and welcome to the third tour around cls-design's shop!

    The best things come in threes, so once again we're going to take a closer look at the shop products. In case this is your first visit with us and you're not familar with our shop and designs, please check out these two introductory articles:

    How to...understand and stroll around our shop

    In search of a style? We have one and one and another one and...

    Well, ensconce yourself and let's start exploring our products.


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    SmartCallout – BBCode

    With the SmartCallout BBCode everyone can easily highlight certain passages within his/her text. By highlighting passages, the author can indicate either certain things or compile again briefly and concisely all the important information.

    The SmartCallout BBCode is structured the way that one needs at least one color (hexCode). By using the color, you can assign a color to the border on the left or right hand side and thus, you'll receive a slightly wider border on the

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