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    In addition to part 1 (preview of Easyslider v3 - Part 1: Backend), we want to offer you today an insight into the design of the Easyslider on the side itself.

    There are two different types of display: compact and detailed

    All content is equipped with numerous options and thus, the content (especially the avatar/image to the left) adapts automatically to the enabled display.

    While the compact view has to limit itself to just a few lines, the detailed view can be designed, depending on the

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    With Easyslider v3 the next product for WoltLab Suite is at the ready.

    In this short series we're going to offer you a first insight into the structure of the new development of this popular slider. The backend-administration makes the start:

    Boxes' list - including links for the boxes' management of WCS (if selected as the integration variant)

    Add a box: in addition to the "classic" version of template/event, it is possible to integrate the Easyslider box via the box system of WCS.


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    today I’d like to offer you a brief insight into the new features of EasyAds v2.

    EasyAds v2 can be used in both, in WCF2.0 (without FlotChart statistics) and WCF2.1.

    ACP – options’ overview

    In addition to the known functions, the click lock can be defined here now manually. So far this has been restricted to the current session.
    If an external advertising service, which already provides detailed statistics, is used, the integrated statistics (incl. records!) can be disabled.


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    The follow-up of the popular EasyLink is available now for downloading.

    The development has been baked into the previous version and was expanded with numerous new features.
    Below, you can gain insight into established features but also impressions of further functions.

    Look and feel:

    As already seen in version 1, 4 different design lines are available and can be selected for an overview.

    Entry view:

    Everything at a glance, individual tabs for comments and contact: you decide how the

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    Hi and welcome to the third tour around cls-design's shop!

    The best things come in threes, so once again we're going to take a closer look at the shop products. In case this is your first visit with us and you're not familar with our shop and designs, please check out these two introductory articles:

    How to...understand and stroll around our shop

    In search of a style? We have one and one and another one and...

    Well, ensconce yourself and let's start exploring our products.


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