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  • Our styles for Burning Board 4 in WoltLab Suite 3.0

    31 Jan 2017

    Short and crisp: That doesn't work.

    Styles for Burning Board 4 are basically incompatible with the latest software version from the house of WoltLab. Before updating to WoltLab Suite 3.0, the styles and the supplied components should be uninstalled because errors can occur after the update.

    In addition to the style package itself, also the packages, supplied by the styles, should be removed:
    • com.cls-design.wcf.cookieLib
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  • Due to multiple requests, "Core" has received a minor feature update. For one thing there's the hero guest-header, which has been already known from other styles, "discreetly" inviting guests to register:

    For another thing, "Core" has received a member-header that displays several statistics, which is also known from various other styles:

    The new version is available in the customer area. Those people who have already modified quite a lot within the style, can take a look at the tutorial… [Read More]
  • Base für Burning Board 4 veröffentlicht

    11 Apr 2016 7

    Mit Base ist eine Stilserie erhältlich die Eleganz ausstrahlt und mit dezenten Effekten Aufmerksamkeit erzeugt. Alle Menüpunkte sind mit großen und eindeutigen Icons versehen. Für Gäste kann eine Registrierungsaufforderung im Headerbereich ein- oder ausgeblendet werden. Für Mitglieder ist die Anzeige einer Statistik im Kopfbereich ebenfalls global ein- oder ausblendbar. Darüber hinaus können auch bei Base Menü und Userpanel auf eine kompakte Darstellung umgeschaltet werden.

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  • Style Preview "Base"

    05 Apr 2016

    Shortly beforehand, multiple styles for Burning Board 4.0 and 4.1 are going to be released this year and "Base" breaks ground. Other styles will follow shortly thereafter. The styles will be also implemented for the upcoming version of Burning Board. In the case of the available styles, not all will be probably implemented. The decison will be ultimately due to the sales figures and the effort of an implementation.

    Well, let's turn to "Base", which is an attempt to take into account as many… [Read More]