Style RTL support

  • Hi beddal,

    thanks for stopping by and considering one of our designs as possibly suitable for your project. :)

    Let's take a look at your questions:

    Is the metro style supporting RTL and languages like Arabic ?

    All the designs do inherit a language package within the ACP. However, the two basic languages, which have been already included, are German and English. That means, whenever you want another language to be displayed, you have to translate the language file (xml-file) by yourself.

    Considering your given acronym - RTL - I guess you mean "Real-time Language"? If so, the answer is yes. By visiting your ACP you can change the language file by means of translating the whole file or specific parts.

    If you meant the "Right-to-Left" language option, the answer would be no. This is due to the fact that the way round would be the default use for roughly 99% of the users respectively people purchasing the products (people from Germany, the US, France and so on). Furthermore two variants would mean, to be honest, also more work, which can't be provided by taking the price into account.

    In case I misunderstood your questions, please let me know via paraphrasing it.

    Does one style come in many colors ?

    Yes, it does and you can see it by yourself. Change the language by clicking on the flag-symbol on the left hand side (to be seen below the cls-design title) and then visit our shop. There you'll see all products to be also described in English and near the bottom line you'll find the headline called "Features". This section displays a product's specific characteristics, like e.g. color variants. The screenshots on the right hand side offer a first insight.

    However, in case you don't like a given color or background pattern, you can always change it due to your own creativity. In case of questions or problems due to customizations, you can turn to our support forum and ask for help.

    Is it responsive ?

    Depending on each design, again the answer noted in "Features" can offer help. "Metro", for instance, inherits an adaption for mobile devices, in case you'd come upon a problem referring to a specific browser, one of the designers would offer help in solving it.

    If plugin for instance the blogs gets updates will you release an update for the style or I will be left behind.

    You'll certainly be never left behind at cls-design. All the products - styles as well as plugins - will be updated regularly. No matter whether it's a internal update due to including another feature or editing a slight mistake, or if the update is based on the software's update (WCF/WBB), our designers will take care of that.

    Apart from that, all the updates can be found within one's customer account or on the update server, so you won't miss out on updates.

    Well, could I answer your questions or do you feel like asking a bit more? Please feel free to let us know. :)

    Regards by
    Gabbid :coffee:

  • Thank you for answering my questions but for RTL u got it wrong what I mean is Right to left display of page. English and German are LTR (Left to Right) languages so I need to be sure a languages with RTL won't have a problem.


  • Hi serati respectively beddal,

    thanks for letting me know your original intention.

    Based on a response by Cr@@@gle, one of the two designers at cls-design, I have to return a negative acknowledgement to you. That means, the styles are prepared to support the left-to-right order, not the other way round. This is due to the fact that about 99% of our customers and the people purchasing and using WBB do also use the left-to-right order. To offer both versions would mean more work in creating styles and, to be honest, we'd certainly have to advance the prices.

    I know that you'd hoped for a different answer, but unfortunately I can't provide one for this specific issue.

    Apart from that, are there any other questions or issues you'd like to mention?

    Regards by

  • Thank you for your reply, That is so sad I need the style and I will be purchasing it will the support team be able to do the task I tried to change it to RTL and everything went well except for the header so all they have to do is adjust the header.

    Let me know if they are willing to help and I will place my order. :thumbsup:

  • Hi serati,

    it goes without saying that I understand your wish to purchase a design and of course, we're always trying to meet our customer's wishes. :)

    Let's see what there's to be done:

    1. You're still interested in purchasing "Metro"?

    2. You'd be able to change the necessary technical details, apart from the header section?

    3. The "header section" would be:

    - navigation bar/maninMenu
    - userbar
    - log-in field/registration
    - search panel
    - language panel

    These items would need one of the designer's help or did you mean something else, is something missing? If so, please note the specific details.

    4. Would you be prepared to edit certain changes on your own (if e.g. des designer would offer you template codes and the like) or would you prefer the designer's help?

    5. Assuming your wish to be carried out, would you agree on paying a bit more than the given price in the shop?

    Based your answers I'd talk about them with the designer Cr@@gle, who created "Metro". If the work can be done at a reasonable time and possibly just marginal higher fee, he'll let me know and then we can proceed talking about details. I'll check with him on the amount of work, whether he needs to do it on his own or whether you'd be able to do it along his guides. In case he answers me in the negative, I'll let you know and then, unfortunately, you have to return to browsing the Plugin Store or take a look at other designer's websites.

    Regards by

  • Thank you for your time its not a big task to be done I will simplfy it to you just ask him to replace in Metro style the following:

    1. <!DOCTYPE html> <html dir="ltr" lang="en">


    1. <!DOCTYPE html> <html dir="rtl" lang="en">

    After that while navigating the metro style he will realize the amount of work that has to be done let him tell me the extra costs and I will pay for it 8)

  • Hi serati,

    thanks again for specifying your wishes. :)

    Cr@@gle was informed by me and will take a look into the matter as soon as possible. Please give him respectively us roughly 1-2 days to estimate the task. It won't take much longer but due to the holiday season and the other work around cls-design (plugins to come and the like) we're a bit short of time. However, you'll certainly get an answer, by him or me.

    Well, so please hold the line for a bit ;) , we're soon back with you.

    Regards by