The general administrators' discussion area: Using and Guidelines

  • The section "General administrators' talks" of cls-design considers itself as an active and constructive exchange place between administrators and users. While the presentation area allows people to present their project and those people interested can offer helpful feedback, this forums deals with the detailed discussions on individual aspects related to concerns of the forum.

    In order to explain the difference between the two areas - presentations and administrators' talks -, I'll give an example here:

    Forum presentation: Allows for introducing an entire website, a complete forum, a ready-to-blog. People can comment on all aspects of the project ("Your forum's structure is not optimal", "The chosen design is not suitable for the theme", "There is an error when calling the menu item X", etc.).

    Administrators' talks: An administrator provides a targeted question concerning his/her project ("Do you use the sidebar in your forum or is it useless?", "Which welcome text sounds better - suggestion A or B?", "What type of PR can you recommend?"), users and other interested parties can reply.

    The difference is to be found in the content specification and we ask you to please take that into account.

    Users and their contributions, understanding both areas as synonymous forums, where only one's own project is advertised several times ("How do you like my website?"), where pointless posts are deposited ("Should I run another forum or are my 3 projects quite enough?") or people attempt to gain free support service for commercial products without a valid license, are going to be deleted without a comment and the user must expect other consequences in case of multiple repetions.

    Anyone who would like to pose a question concerning his/her project (forum, blog, website, etc.) here can do so, but please has to adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Each question/discussion/debate approach has to provide at least a short but informative title and a description, so that the readers can infer the most elementary information (what does the person posing the question want to know, what kind of replies ar (not) wished for).

    2. For each question/discussion/debate approach, please mind the basic grammatical-stylistic standards (large and lowercase, punctuation, paragraphs, spelling, etc.) so that the text can be easily read and understood.

    3. For the formatting, please ensure that an acceptable level of color/s, size/s&co. is maintained, as other versions can be read either badly or even not at all, or aren't too friendly to the eye.

    In addition to these general guidelines, there are questions/discussions that are rejected by us due to our own forum rules. Anyone who tries nontheless to launch his/her or such a question/discussion has to reckon with consequences and the thread will be deleted immediately and without comment. Here, these questions, discussions and threads aren't allowed:

    - Pure advertising to third-party sites

    - Pure self-promotion in terms of marketing

    - Questions/Discussions, exhibiting illegal, political,- religious,- and/or sexist extreme contents as well as containing a pornographic tenor

    - Questions/Discussions, which only serve to damage reputation

    - Questions/Discussions within the meaning of propaganda

    - Fun presentations without recognizable motifs

    - Clear instances of project prsentations that are/have been already placed in the presentation area ("double posts")

    Anyone who would like to pose his/her question successfully, should please mind these desirable rules of conduct:

    - Everyone can join each thread, but in a polite and matter-of-fact tone.

    - No bashing, flaming, trolling, etc. is accepted here.

    - Each thread is an explicit invitation to interact - thus, the threadstarter is actively involved and encouraged to get involved.

    - Monosyllabic responses ("Yes" / "Nope"), non-verbal utterances (*hmmm*) and only parts of sentence as a reply aren' t useful, therefore make sure that you express yourself in an extensive way and as precisely as possible.

    - "Pushing" one's thread is considered rude and we don't like that here. If a thread is viewed from the perspective of the presentator as being (too) little appreciated, he/she can activate the thread again 8 weeks later or if notable (!) news/changes can be announced.

    - Different feedbacks are possible due to the different participants of the forum. As the internet conveys no gestures/expressions and smilies can be contradictory, there can be awkward wordings or interpretations. In this case a request can be put, an explanation/clarification be asked or similar, but not by means of responding in an aggressive, offensive, defiant or vulgar way.

    Anyone who has a question or problem before posing his/her question can contact the team of cls-design any time.

    Regards by
    cls-design team