Changing from Current Woltlab Style to NOVA

  • Currently I have the standard Style (Blue) from Woltlab.

    However I want to change TO cls-Design's Style NOVA - I think it is great!!

    First Question:
    But in changing over, will I lose any of my CURRENT APPS and PLUGINS I have installed on my Forum?
    There are quite a few Plugins I have uploaded to my Forum; and also I have made alterations to some Woltlab features by making changes in CSS, mainly for coloring
    Thread and Form Titles but ALSO I have a Side Bar Plugin which I have also changed via CSS so that my uploaded Videos display ALL bottom task Bar Info in the Video.

    Second Question:
    So, if I purchase NOVA, and use it instead of what I have, will I be able to accomplish this WITHOUT losing those Plugins and changes that I have made to them?
    This is very important to me because I have put a lot of work and time into the changes I have thus far made on my Forum.

    Third Question:
    Will the style NOVA FULLY SUPPORT the operation of the Plugins and APPS that I currently have with Woltlab Blue?


  • Hi,

    i´m glad you like our work.

    You will not lose anyting, Nova don´t touches you installation, you can install Nova as a second style and test is before you go live with Nova. You can usually use the same additional CSS that you have add in Blue Temptation also in Nova. If anything doesn´t work, just ask an i will have a look into it.

    Every changes can be transfered to Nova, that is noch problem. You can ask me bevor your purchase and i will have a deeper look into you installation.

    There is no risk to switch to Nova, i leaves your current installation untouched and you can review and modifiy Nova before switching over. I can assist if you need help.

    Regards Tom

  • Thank you, Tom, for your reply!
    I also want to purchase Easy Media - the Extension for Woltlab Gallery 2.1; so when that is available I probably will purchase these two at the same time.

  • You are welcome!

    Btw, EasyMedia is not a Extension anymore, it is a standalone solution for video- and mediacontent, indipendent form the WoltLab Gallery.

    Regards Tom

    With Easy Media as a standalone solution (independent of Woltlab Gallery) will I be able to use Easy media on my forum; or does it have to be positioned on a sub-URL of my main URL for the Forum I have?

  • EasyMedia is installed as a separate application as other applications in a sub-folder. For example: Forum: (without sub-folder), Gallery:, EasyMedia:, ... It's the same framework (WoltLab Community Framework), but does not require any other application such forum to run.